CGTN AMERICA & CCTV UN: Global Media Dialogue: Why 2024 is the year to “Spring into China?”

WASHINGTON, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CGTN America & CCTV UN releases “Global Media Dialogue: Why 2024 is the year to ‘Spring into China?'”

Fresh from the country’s top annual political meetings, China Media Group plays host to Global Media Dialogue, highlighting shared prosperity and opportunities in China: a timely and unique media event with keynote speakers, two panels of experts and dignitaries at the University of Chicago.

Our dignitaries, expert-speakers and panelists discuss the latest in “Chinese-style modernization”. Three small words that signal a vast and growing potential source of new productivity, international cooperation and shared wealth. 

The first panel discussion features former U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus; former Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot; and Illinois Institute of Technology President, Raj Echambadi. The in-depth focus on China´s economic dynamics and how China´s modernization process turned the country into a magnet for global business and investment opportunities.

The second panel discussion tackles current and potential fields of cooperation such as Artificial Intelligence, green energy and other industrial prospects. This dialogue will focus on greater foreign investment access and China´s capital markets.

Discussions will also look at sister cities like Chicago and Shanghai as they continue to be a bridge for global innovative business. For this topic, the panelists are Chicago’s Former Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, Samir Mayekar; Chicago´s Former Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Fassnacht; and Wanxiang America President, Pin Ni. On the agenda are vital slightly softer topics including ways to boost tourism and increase people-to-people exchanges as China eases visa requirements for international travelers.

Audience members and panelists can interact during moderated Q&A sessions after the panels. The event is hosted by China Media Group and sponsored by the China General Chamber of Commerce in Chicago.

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