CES 2024: 3i Presents Unprecedented and Fresh Solution for Odor Issues in Cat Litter Boxes with Auto-Pack Feature

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At CES 2024, 3i, a premium smart appliance brand, unveiled its pioneering product – the 3i Intelligent Cat Litter Box, the M1 series. This innovative and fresh solution, designed for users who struggle with the unpleasant smell of traditional cat litter boxes, also prioritizes the safety of cats, allowing them to use the facilities without any risk of injury.

CES 2024: 3i Presents Unprecedented and Fresh Solution for Odor Issues in Cat Litter Boxes with Auto-Pack Feature

“The 2024 strategic plan of 3i places significant emphasis on expanding our intelligent pet products into the global market. So, we come to CES 2024 with our new product for pets,” said Zexiao Wu, Vice President of 3i. “Most people in the 3i team have cats, and we can totally connect with some hassles of using a traditional cat litter box, such as odor, thin layers of litter leading to sticking, and more. We are a team of creating products that address real-life issues, so here it is, the world’s first intelligent odor-free cat litter box, the M1 series.”

Certified by Frost & Sullivan, the 3i Intelligent Cat Litter Box is the world’s first intelligent cat litter box with auto-pack and odor removal features in the global intelligent cat litter box market. The M1 features an innovative auto-pack technology that promptly seals cat waste in a bag, effectively trapping odor molecules and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and pests. Moreover, the litter box is equipped with a smart module that utilizes ozone to purify the air, further neutralizing odors and ensuring sterilization. This has turned 3i’s booth into a lively center of interest for cat owners who have been struggling with the persistent odor problem after their cats have used the litter box. The booth is buzzing with dynamic conversations about how this unique feature can keep the air in their homes fresh, even with cats around.

Additionally, the M1 has a 13L large-capacity intelligent waste compartment, evenly collecting waste to avoid frequent full boxes. It also features a full box smart reminder function, eliminating the need for constant checking.

Considering both the needs of cat owners and cats, the M1 design is highly cat friendly. It features an innovative flat shovel structure that mimics the action of a human hand scooping, eliminating any ‘scissor-like’ openings and thus preventing any potential harm to the cat. The box is designed with a low center of gravity, making it stable and difficult to tip over, ensuring a safe environment for cats. Numerous visitors at 3i’s booth gave a thumbs up to the thoughtful design, recognizing the potential harm it could prevent for their cherished cats.

To minimize disturbance to the cat, the M1 is equipped with multiple sensors that accurately track the cat’s movements. The cleaning process will pause when the cat enters and resumes once the cat exits. In the event of a sensor failure, an integrated safety feature automatically halts the cleaning process, preventing any potential damage caused by objects that the sensors fail to detect. Additionally, the box uses durable chewing resistant wires to ensure cat safety.

Effectively addressing many cleanliness concerns for users, the M1 is designed with various features to maintain cleanliness. It automatically refills cat litter, preventing it from sticking to the bottom. Its unique scoop design ensures it doesn’t rotate during operation, which helps to avoid litter sticking to the inner walls and minimizes dust. The M1 is made from a special non-stick and scratch-resistant material, making it durable and easy to clean. It also includes a built-in litter control path to prevent litter spillage.

Furthermore, the product’s design allows for easy litter cleaning, and the APP remote management function enables users to have full control over the device and the cat’s situation. It can measure weight changes in the cabin through a high-precision gravity sensor, ensuring real-time tracking of consumables and providing relevant data on different cats.

At the exhibition, 3i has also showcased a product, the M1 Master, which is created in collaboration with a top luxury brand designer. The designer meticulously crafted this product, blending luxury aesthetics with a burgundy suede cowhide finish. It contrasts a futuristic “space cabin” with golden cat embroidery, inspired by the ancient Egyptian Bastet cat god. The 3i logo is embedded in a metal ball, merging technology with classic luxury to create an elegant masterpiece.

Interested attendees can visit 3i’s booth at booth 50955 Venetian Expo, Halls A-D during CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas between January 9th and 12th, to learn more about the M1 series and have a hands-on experience.

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