CertiK Skyfall Team’s Alert Leads to Enhanced Security Measures at ByteDance

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ByteDance, the highly-valued and still-private creator of TikTok and a leading global technology company, has acknowledged the critical role played by the CertiK Skyfall team in identifying and mitigating a substantial security risk within its systems. The ByteDance Security Response Center promptly addressed the warning issued by CertiK, leading to immediate risk mitigation and the improvement of its product safety levels. This timely action prevented potentially severe consequences, underscoring the efficacy of ByteDance’s responsive approach to cybersecurity threats.

ByteDance has expressed its sincere gratitude towards the CertiK Skyfall team for their responsibility and vigilant attitude in helping to ensure the security of their products. This collaboration exemplifies the importance of partnerships in maintaining network security and user protection.

The ByteDance Security Response Center is tasked with creating a culture of security, ensuring a safe experience for every platform user. In line with this commitment, ByteDance is poised to further strengthen its cooperation with security research institutions and organizations like CertiK’s Skyfall team.

CertiK, through its Skyfall team, continues to lead the way in proactive security research, contributing to enhancing cybersecurity across various platforms including Apple, Samsung, Ant Group, and ByteDance. This latest work with ByteDance is yet another example of CertiK’s unwavering commitment to pioneering a secure digital future, redefining industry standards, and fostering trust in the Web3 world.

About CertiK

CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, combining expert manual review with best-in-class AI technology to protect and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. Founded in 2018 by professors from Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK’s mission is to secure the Web3 world.

One of the fastest-growing and most trusted companies in blockchain security, CertiK is a true market leader. To date, CertiK has worked with nearly 4,100 enterprise clients, secured over $370 billion worth of digital assets, and has detected almost 70,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. Clients include leading projects such as Aptos, Ripple, Sandbox, Polygon, BNB Chain, and TON.

CertiK is backed by InsightPartners, Sequoia, Tiger Global, Coatue Management, Lightspeed, Advent International, SoftBank, Hillhouse Capital, Goldman Sachs, Coinbase Ventures, Binance, Shunwei Capital, IDG Capital, Wing, Legend Star, Danhua Capital, and other investors.

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