Certified Netflix Onboard: JMGO Officially Unveils the N1S Series Tri-Laser Projectors with Upgraded Picture Quality and Effortless Setup

Powered by Google TV and the Proprietary MALC Tri-laser Engine, the N1S Series Offers a One-Stop Home Entertainment Solution

SHENZHEN, China, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JMGO, a pioneer of smart projectors, officially unveils its latest N1S and N1S Ultra 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projectors with certified Netflix onboard to the global market. The N1S and N1S Ultra represent the forefront of projector innovation, designed to provide exceptional brightness and true-to-life imagery with an incredibly flexible plug-and-play feature set. Incorporating the in-house developed MALC (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) Triple Color Laser Optics and the iconic gimbal design, the N1S Series represents JMGO’s commitment to enabling users to bring a cinematic viewing experience anywhere.

JMGO N1S Ultra (Left) and JMGO N1S (Right)

“The JMGO N1S series is the latest addition to our product line with Google TV, designed to provide unmatched immersive viewing experiences,” said Forrest Li, CEO of JMGO. “We are proud to bring this high-performance gimbal projector to the world for home entertainment, a testament to our innovative momentum in our mission to revolutionize user experience.”

Exceptional Brightness, Impeccable Visual Details

Laser-based engines have gained widespread recognition as the premier light source for projectors due to their reliability, durability, and outstanding performance in terms of brightness, gamut coverage, color accuracy, and black levels. JMGO aims to establish a new benchmark in visual excellence with its patented MALC Triple Color Laser Optics. This in-house developed laser engine emits three separate red, blue, and green lasers, ensuring images with exceptional brightness and lifelike colors. The N1S, equipped with one MALC laser module, is a compact, lightweight projector rated at 900 ANSI Lumens. The N1S Ultra, serving as a portable home theater solution, harnesses the power of three MALC laser modules to achieve stunning brightness at 3,000 ANSI Lumens, enabling users to enjoy their favorite Netflix shows even in well-lit environments. At first glance, not only is the brightness remarkable, but the color fidelity as well. The N1S Series supports HDR 10 and covers 110% of BT.2020 with color accuracy at △E<1, delivering true-to-life images with accurate, natural color reproduction.

In terms of visual details, the N1S boasts 1080P FHD resolution, while the N1S Ultra takes it a step further with 4K UHD. With a contrast ratio of 1,600:1, the powerful proprietary MALC laser engine ensures that all details are faithfully presented, whether in highlights or deep blacks. Consequently, even when viewing movies with numerous dark scenes, it remains easy to observe all the details. JMGO’s engineers have ingeniously introduced Dynamic Light Speckle Reducer Technology (LSR) to reduce laser speckles by an impressive 97%. As a result, users will not be bothered by the distracting laser speckles that widely exist with tri-laser projectors, elevating the viewing experience.

Google TV with Native Netflix Built-in

JMGO proudly introduces a revolutionary enhancement to home entertainment with the official native Netflix license in the N1S series. The N1S Series provides a seamless and unrestricted Netflix streaming experience, ensuring compatibility with the platform’s content delivery specifications and eliminating the need for additional streaming devices like TV sticks. Now, the N1S and N1S Ultra have become a truly one-stop entertainment device for users. With a single click on the shortcut button on the remote, users can access Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video conveniently.

In addition to its Netflix integration, the N1S Series offers unparalleled flexibility and diversity in home entertainment. The N1S Series also comes with a Game Mode, which significantly reduces input lag. Gamers can always connect a game console and find themselves immersed in a 100-inch screen with stunning imagery. The built-in 20-watt speakers on the N1S Ultra (10-watt speakers on the N1S) provide mesmerizing sound with deep bass. Users can also connect the projectors to a dedicated audio system.

Experience Entertainment Anywhere at Ease

The JMGO N1S Series inherits the iconic pan-and-tilt gimbal design from its predecessor, the N1 Series, which has won accolades from top-tier publications such as Tom’s Guide, CNET, PCMag, and More. The N1S Ultra and N1S continue with the gimbal stand to provide plug-and-play viewing experiences for projector users. The N1S is designed to facilitate personal entertainment on the go. Its lightweight design, weighing under five pounds, combined with a base designed as a lifting handle, offers users effortless mobility, making it convenient to take the huge screen anywhere. The N1S Ultra features an Ultra-Thin 2-axis Gimbal System that allows for rotation adjustment up to 135° vertically and 360° horizontally, offering stable and flexible setup options for optimal viewing angles in any environment.

The N1S Series is packed with smart calibration features such as auto keystone correction and smart focus adjustment. Typically, home theater projectors are installed in a fixed manner and require manual calibration after relocation, which could be rather time-consuming. That is not the case with the JMGO N1S Ultra, however, as the panning-and-tilting gimbal allows users to effortlessly adjust the projection angle. As the angle changes, the Multi Adaptive System gets activated and performs keystone correction and focusing simultaneously, hence a truly point-and-play viewing experience. Auto Screen Fitting and Smart Object Avoidance are also in place, automatically aligning the projected image to a screen and avoiding obstacles such as power outlets and paintings on the wall.

Pricing and Availability:

N1S comes in white, while the N1S Ultra is presented in black, offering distinct aesthetic choices to complement different preferences. The N1S is now available on the JMGO website, priced at $999 USD or €1,199 Euro. The flagship model, N1S Ultra, will be released for purchase in June on both Amazon and the JMGO website, priced at $2,499 USD or €2,699 Euro.

About JMGO:

Since 2011, JMGO has committed to delivering immersive large-screen experiences in diverse forms of portability and versatility. Integrating functional design and high-quality entertainment, JMGO strives to build an industry-first all-in-one home entertainment ecosystem that encompasses terminal + content + platform + software to a global market.