Century in the Spotlight: Paris Rhône Rings in the Holidays with Innovative Home Appliances

PARIS, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Paris Rhône, the esteemed household appliance brand established in 1915, is set to add joy and cheer to the holiday season with its legacy of innovation. As Christmas and New Year approach, the brand reflects on a century of remarkable achievements and looks forward to a future filled with advanced smart home appliances.


Take a moment to delve into the remarkable development history of Paris Rhône over the past century.

Revolutionizing Home Cleaning since 1925: In 1925, Paris Rhône’s Aspiron sub-brand launched the world’s first vacuum cleaner, featuring eye-catching graffiti-inspired designs. Pioneering Electric Mobility in 1941: In 1941, Paris Rhône introduced the VPR electric tricycle, revolutionizing personal transportation with its unique design and two-person bench seat. It reached a maximum speed of 19 mph and traveled up to 40 miles, showcasing Paris Rhône’s innovative spirit. The updated Baby-Rhône II debuted the next year. Building a Reputation for Excellence in 1952: In 1952, Paris Rhône built a two-floor, 5,000 sqm building for home appliances. They added vacuum cleaners, polishers, and coffee grinders to their offerings. The coffee grinders became popular for preserving classic flavors and were loved by coffee enthusiasts. Embracing Culinary Innovation in 1970: In 1970, Paris Rhône expanded into kitchen appliances, introducing electric knives and a limited edition dishwasher. Customers were captivated by their impeccable design and performance.

A Global Brand in the 21st Century

Embracing the new era, Paris Rhône launched its brand globalization strategy in the 21st century. Paris Rhône’s dedication to quality and innovation propelled its growth, making it a sought-after household appliance brand across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Starting in 2023, the company is set to further enhance its product range by introducing WiFi-enabled smart home appliances. Customers can delight in the convenience and seamless connectivity delivered by WiFi-enabled smart home appliances from Paris Rhône. Experience the ease of remotely controlling your household appliances, promoting energy efficiency, and harnessing the power of voice commands.

Innovation, Heritage, and Global Expansion

Today, Paris Rhône proudly showcases its products in over 30 countries worldwide and has emerged as one of the most promising household appliance brands. Combining its rich Parisian heritage with a century of expertise in meaningful innovation and industry-leading design, Paris Rhône is set to introduce exceptional smart household appliances to users around the globe through its three sub-brands: Aspiron, Sympa and Evatronic.  In the 1920s, Aspiron quickly rose to become one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner brands. Building upon their success, Sympa puts its focus on smart lighting products, with a dedicated mission to create intelligent and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Additionally, Evatronic emerged with a strong commitment to delivering innovative, professional, and user-friendly household appliances to consumers worldwide.  

As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of the holiday season, Paris Rhône remains committed to enriching lives with its visionary products and celebrating a century of excellence. Let us see what surprises Paris Rhône has in store for us this Christmas.

Paris Rhône 5.3 Quart Air Fryer AF014

Effortlessly monitor cooking progress with the viewing window and interior light. Enjoy healthier meals and hassle-free cleaning thanks to the ceramic-coated nonstick basket. Delight in efficient heating without the need for pre-heating or oil. Explore a wide range of preset cooking options and adjustable settings through the 8 easy functions. Rest assured with safety protection, including auto shut-off when the basket is removed, all certified for your safety.

Viewing window & interior light: See cooking progress easily. Ceramic-coated nonstick basket: ensures healthier cooking and effortless clean-up. No pre-heating & oilless: Efficient heating & less oil usage. 8 easy functions: Preset cooking options & adjustable settings. Safety protection: Auto shut-off when basket is removed. Certified safe.

ASPIRON® Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner CA006

Enhance your daily life with our product featuring 3-stage filtration, powerful suction, versatile tools, long power cord, and a bagless washable dust cup for convenient cleaning and healthier living. Get ready to embrace a spotless home this holiday season.

3-Stage Filtration: Including the revolutionary Central Cyclonic Filtration System, a washable Inlet HEPA-H10 Filter, and an Outlet Sponge, it ensures impeccable air quality while capturing even the tiniest dust particles. Over 455AW/24Kpa of Strong Suction with 5 Versatile Tools: Effortlessly tackles any mess with its arsenal of 5 versatile tools. From carpets to hard floors, furniture to curtains, no surface is left untouched. 20Ft Long Power Cord with Automatic Cord Rewind: Its 20Ft long power cord ensures seamless cleaning in every corner, and the automatic cord rewind feature adds convenience to your cleaning routine. 3.5L/3.7Qt Bagless Washable Dust Cup: Saving you time and money. Cleaning has never been this easy and efficient.

Paris Rhône 4-in-1 Electric Milk Frother MF010

Experience the elegance of Paris with Paris Rhône extraordinary Electric Electric Milk Frother, inspired by the iconic Eiffel Tower. This visually delightful appliance not only decorates your kitchen but also adds an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip. Perfectly timed for the Christmas season, it makes for a thoughtful gift choice.

4-in-1 Multifunctional: Imagine savoring the perfect cup of coffee every morning, with a foam so creamy and smooth, it transforms your ordinary coffee break into a luxurious moment. The 4-in-1 foam maker allows you to heat milk to perfection or whip it into hot dense foam, hot airy foam, or even cold froth – the choice is yours.  One-Button Control & Quiet Operation: Experience delightful simplicity with the one-button control and whisper-quiet operation. Switch between modes effortlessly, and in just 2 minutes, indulge in fragrant milk froth without the distraction of noise. The LED indicators guide you through each function, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Rinse to Clean: Cleaning has never been easier. Paris Rhône electric milk steamer features a food-grade non-stick interior coating, making it a breeze to clean. Simply rinse it with running water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth, guaranteeing your health and hygiene. Auto Shut-Off & Extremely Reliable: Rest easy knowing that Paris Rhône electric milk heater is equipped with auto shut-off and certified with ETL for unmatched safety and reliability. You can trust that your milk or foam will be ready at the perfect temperature, every time.

Paris Rhône Space Heater with WIFI Portable HE002

Enjoy quick warmth with fast heating, stay safe with overheat and tip-over protection, save on energy bills with ECO Mode, experience peace and quiet with noise-free operation, and effortlessly control it with the remote. It combines warmth, safety, energy efficiency, and convenience in one compact package.

Experience fast and efficient heating: 1500W PTC for quick warmth, advanced PTC technology quickly warms the room for cozy comfort in winter. Safety protection with overheat & tip-over switch: Stay safe with built-in overheat and tip-over protection. Save on energy bills with ECO Mode: Reducing power consumption while maintaining warmth. Noise-free experience with <50dB: Enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment. Simple operation with remote control: Control the heater effortlessly with its Wifi feature, allowing you to adjust settings remotely. The convenience of a remote control adds further simplicity to operation, enabling you to manage the heater from anywhere in the room.

PARIS RHÔNE 6L Smart Humidifiers with App, WiFi and Bluetooth AH038

Enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling it through a smartphone app, monitor humidity levels in real-time with the LED display screen, effortlessly clean and refill with the top-fill design, and experience a whisper-quiet sleep. It is the perfect gift for a healthier and cozier living space.

Convenient remote controls via smartphone app: Connect and control the humidifier through the app via WiFi or Bluetooth. Easily adjust settings like mist levels, timers, humidity, and ambient lighting from anywhere through this smart humidifier’s app. This humidifier with APP gives you the extra convenience you need when your hands are busy or when you are far from home. LED display screen for real-time humidity monitoring: Monitor and adjust humidity levels in real-time with the LED display. Top-fill design for easy cleaning and refilling: Easy cleaning with the large top-fill opening Sleep-friendly features: With a noise level below 28 decibels and optional 7-color night light, enjoy peaceful sleep with low noise and cozy lighting

Stay tuned to catch the latest innovations and captivating designs from Paris Rhône, the brand that continues to redefine intelligent living.

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