CENTA platform crosses 1 million making it the world’s largest community of Teachers

Teachers from across 131 countries benefit from the ‘free-of-cost’ professional platform The app, launched at the Global Teachers’ Meet, has garnered 4 million global engagements, set to quadruple by 2025.

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Centre for Teacher Accreditation recently launched its enhanced native app CENTA, to simplify access to learning resources for educators across the globe. The web platform, embraced by 1 million teachers from 131 countries in under 4 years, now ranks as the world’s largest platform for teachers, boasting 4 million learning engagements in the last year alone.

CENTA app will debut an interactive community feature on October 5, 2023, World Teachers’ Day to connect teachers & foster collaboration, thus transforming classrooms worldwide. This free-of-cost platform leverages blockchain-based digital credentials & recommendation engine to support & track professional development. CENTA functions as a multifaceted platform, certifying teacher competencies, and is widely used by employers across the sector. The native app, on Google Play/Apple App Store (ranked in top 100 education apps), was launched during the Global Teachers’ Meet, focusing on teachers’ role in shaping the economy. Dr. Carlos Vargas (International Task Force on Teachers, UNESCO) advocated global mobility as a remedy for teacher shortages. The event united educators, policymakers, and business leaders toward collaborative idea sharing.

Teachers invested in their learning and growth are the core of CENTA’s existence & were recognised at the event as ‘Learning Champions’: Eric Leo Asiamah (Ghana), Anukriti Kabra (India), Sima Ghosh Dastidar (Sultanate of Oman), Kiangwi Isaiah (Kenya), Shrishti Shakya (Nepal), Nivedita Yadav (India), MA. Guia G. Belarmino (Philippines) & Aamira Mobin (Saudi Arabia). Further, Aditya Andreas Swaminathan from Empathy School, Bali was recognised for achieving Rank 6 in the CENTA International Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad 2022 for teaching competency.

Ramya Venkataraman, Founder & CEO at CENTA said, “CENTA aims to make teaching aspirational by fostering career growth, earnings, & recognition for competent teachers 1 million teachers worldwide accessing this platform is a milestone for CENTA and the teaching profession. Employers (private schools, governments, edtechs) actively supporting this gives a huge impetus to teaching careers.” 

About CENTA:

Established in 2014 CENTA Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore startup, empowers global teachers, connecting 1M educators from 100,000+ schools across 70+ countries. Founded by Ramya Venkataraman, CENTA offers the International Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad, Teaching Quotient, & CENTA Micro-credentials.

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