CDNetworks’ Zero-Trust Solution: Spur Enterprise Productivity with More Security and Less Complexity

SINGAPORE, Dec.1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, the global-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge Service provider, will host a webinar for IT managers, decision makers, and commercial users to experience the value of the zero-trust security framework and introduce CDNetworks’ zero-trust solution Enterprise Secure Access (ESA).

A robust all-in-one solution designed to secure today’s remote workforce, CDNetworks ESA applies the principle of least privilege to give users secure, direct connectivity to enterprise applications—not possible with legacy VPNs—while driving business growth and productivity and reducing complexities. To promote enterprises to boost their business with CDNetworks ESA, CDNetworks invites enterprises of all sizes to join our webinar and apply for a free, 90-day trial of CDNetworks ESA with support for 200 users.

Top Benefits of CDNetworks ESA:

More Security

To reduce the chance for attacks, ESA shields the origin server IP address and ports behind a security gatewayand security gateway ports only open to authorized users. In this way, enterprise applications are rendered invisible and inaccessible to attackers, eliminating the attack surface to stop cyberthreats and data loss in their tracks before they can occur.

Authorized users who are granted access to applications are scrutinized by CDNetworks ESA using strict least-privilege verification and authorization. Moreover, once users logged in, ESA will monitor user behavior, device security, audit and scores the access behavior aligning with enterprises’ security posture, to realize continuous validation and dynamic authorization. At the same time, CDNetworks’ distributed network provides the security gateway with real-time protection against cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks.

High Productivity

By leveraging CDNetworks’ globally distributed Content Delivery Network, CDNetworks’ ESA ensures stable, low-latency transmissions to deliver a smooth experience for all users. This unmatched speed allows users to access enterprise data securely via ESA’s all-in-one portal as quickly as double-clicking icons on their local device.

CDNetworks ESA cuts across enterprise silos by integrating policies into a centralized portal that simplifies management of organizational policies, users, and applications for better governance. The product streamlines time-consuming management workflows, enabling you to better manage security and improve agility, consistency, and efficiency across the organization, without having to configure authorization settings on a daily basis.

Clear Visibility

CDNetworks ESA generates in-depth, multi-dimensional reports for real-time visibility into which users and devices are accessing which applications at which times. This vital information ensures complete visibility across an organization’s network. With this knowledge, decision makers can gain insight into current trends, identify suspicious behavior, prevent application exploitation, find active attackers and threats, adjust security strategies, and take appropriate corrective action when necessary to prevent data loss.

Less Complexity

CDNetworks ESA is a cost-effective, cloud-ready alternative solution to risky and overloaded VPNs, which come with pricy up-front investment costs. Unlike VPNs, CDNetworks ESA saves organizations from paying maintenance and upgrade costs.

CDNetworks ESA solution gives hybrid workforces optimal protection with unified clientless and client-based remote access. With clientless access, you can ensure secure access of your enterprise applications without requiring your users to install security agents and plug-ins on their devices. Any request for access is automatically redirected to a secure connection after being authenticated and authorized. Clientless access is particularly useful for multinational corporations that support a globally distributed hybrid workforce.

The additional benefits of quick scalability and adaptability to almost any environment and enterprise, regardless of size and location, make CDNetworks ESA the ideal solution for today’s business world.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the COVID pandemic has spurred enterprises to adopt a remote workforce. With that adoption comes security challenges that are part and parcel of today’s hybrid work, cloud transformation and increasing global collaboration. As these transformations have upended perimeter-based network security models.

To meet the demands of today’s hybrid networking environments, the time is right for enterprises to adopt CDNetworks ESA as a replacement for their legacy VPNs.

As part of our ongoing commitment, CDNetworks remains dedicated to making organizations future-ready with solutions that empower their remote workforce to connect seamlessly and securely, no matter where they are, all from a single dashboard. Providing segmented least-privilege access in a zero-trust security framework, CDNetworks boasts unique capabilities to help enterprises enter the new era of digital transformation seamlessly and securely, and make the work-from-anywhere dream a reality.

Webinar Details:

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If you’re interested but are unable to attend this live webinar, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording and presentation slides once they’re ready.

Title: Top 3 Benefits to Replace Your Risky VPN with CDNetworks Zero Trust Solution
Time: Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022 | 15:00 UTC+8
Language: English
Duration: 45 min
Speaker: Elaine Huang | Senior Product Manager

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