CDNetworks Boosts Investment in Asia Pacific Market to Empower Its Upgraded Localization Strategy

SINGAPORE, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to optimize its service performance in the Asia Pacific region, CDNetworks, a global leader in content delivery networks (CDN), edge computing, and cloud security, has ramped up its resource investment and expanded its Points of Presence (POPs), as part of the company’s 2022 strategy to improve its service stability, speed and security for customers in major Asia Pacific markets, including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar.

2022 Data from PerfOps, a CDN and DNS monitoring and analytics platform, shows that CDNetworks has taken the leading role in CDN performance in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam this year, as well as its increasing market competitiveness in the markets of Singapore, Japan and South Korea.  The company’s technological prowess and strong growth momentum in the regions have helped CDNetworks to create more specialized and localized services for users.

CDNetworks’ origins in the Asia Pacific market traces back to 2000 when the company was established in South Korea. With over two decades of business development and innovation, CDNetworks is currently headquartered in Singapore and expanding as a trusted CDN and edge computing specialist in delivering comprehensive and flexible services that have won recognition from global industry partners and customers alike.

Backed by its parent company Wangsu, CDNetworks now has more than 2800 POPs across the globe, covering over 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With its POPs that serve 70 plus cities in Mainland China, CDNetworks also provides ICP filling support for companies that eye and explore business opportunities in the Chinese market.

Leveraging its technical advantages, CDNetworks has taken a multi-pronged approach in scaling up its investment in Asia Pacific market. Key focuses include:

–  Product: With its unremitting pursuit of R&D and innovation, this year CDNetworks has launched a suite of future-ready products – Enterprise Secure Access (Zero Trust Access Solution) and Low Latency Streaming, and WAAP solution – designed to help businesses meet the challenges of tomorrow in the fast-evolving digital era.

–  Operations: Providing timely and seamless support is one of CDNetworks’ priorities. To bolster its ability to offer swift and professional support to its consumers, CDNetworks has strengthened its sales and service teams across the region and taken onboard more experienced security experts to proactively help customers manage their solutions to drive value.

–  Engagement:  In 2022, CDNetworks connected with its existing and future customers through several trade shows including BroadcastAsia Singapore, Cybersec Taiwan, ICTCOM Vietnam, Cyber Security World Asia and Indonesia in View, etc. The company has also hosted webinars alongside its local partners to share their latest industry insights and trends.

“We identified the huge market potential in the ASEAN countries, so we set our strategic focus on the region ten years ago. However, language barriers, cultural differences and diverse business environments add many layers of complexity to our business operation in the region. But our strategy is not to eliminate the obstacles but to embrace them as opportunities for us to develop a globalized and localized approach to sales, marketing and technical support. It allows us to think globally and act locally, forging a borderless team that prioritizes cooperation and innovation while listening to the local needs to improve our product and service quality,” said Yien Wu, Head of Sales in Southeast Asia.

In delivering premium products and services to customers in the region, CDNetworks attaches great importance to three keywords that sit at the core of its business value – accelerate, secure and control. CDNetworks’ CDN and media delivery solutions supercharge customers’ websites and applications to achieve unparalleled speed and top-level performance, paired with its state-of-the-art cloud security technology, feature-rich and intuitive UIs that maximize protection, functionality and simplicity. The result is a fast, safe and reliable user experience that empowers customers to provide optimal services for their end-users.

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