CCTV+: Global Youth Sharing Meeting on Liangzhu Culture

BEIJING, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The call for the “Global Youth Sharing Meeting on Liangzhu Culture” was officially released on March 18. Launched by Overseas Center (ZTV-WORLD) of ZMG, the UNESCO Beijing Office, and the Liangzhu Culture Youth Promotion Project, the initiative has been joined by student representatives from global universities. It is an invitation to the world’s youth and anyone keen on Chinese civilization to experience the grandeur of the Liangzhu Culture in the metaverse and promote dialogue among civilizations.


The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, considered a testament to China’s 5000-year-old civilization, have  aroused the curiosity of young people worldwide. To unravel its mysteries, we will visit the site alongside local youth who have been promoting the Liangzhu civilization. Together, we will delve into the wonders of its prehistoric culture, exemplified by its jade artifacts, advanced water management system, and rice cultivation technology.

The mysterious and renowned jade artifacts of Liangzhu have ignited the curiosity of all. Zhang Zhihan, a doctoral student from the Seattle Campus, University of Washington, inquired, “Liangzhu’s jade ware is unrivaled worldwide. Can I delve deeper into its jade craftsmanship?” In order to address this question, we will embark on an exploration of Liangzhu’s ceremonial jade alongside Ai Meili and Chen Guanchen, students from Zhejiang University.


The magnificence of Liangzhu’s water conservancy system has sparked curiosity among all. Chen Jiexiaoxue from Université Lumière Lyon 2 posed the question, “Liangzhu’s water conservancy systems were constructed over 5,000 years ago, yet they continue to function today. Can I witness it firsthand?” Joining us on this journey are Ai Yuda from Communication University of Zhejiang and Cheng Long from Zhejiang University of Technology as we uncover this remarkable feat.


The visitors were also deeply intrigued by Liangzhu’s rice-cultivating civilization. Xia Wangmingyu from the University of Cambridge expressed, “I’ve heard that the rice production in Liangzhu over 5,000 years ago was comparable to modern-day harvests. Can I gain a deeper understanding of the agriculture in this ancient city?” Let’s accompany Weng Xin and Liang Chen from Zhejiang University as we unveil the secrets of Liangzhu’s rice-cultivating civilization.