Calling for Your Creative Imaginations of 2040, Ideathon Creative Competition Calls for Global Submissions

TAIPEI, July 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To collect people’s imaginations and expectations for the digital development in 2040, Minister Audrey Tang of Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) launches the “Ideathon” call for submissions. Using “WeWe Futures: 2040 Diversity & Inclusive” as this year’s theme, the competition looks forward to sparking unlimited exciting possibilities through the imaginative power of men and AI under the trend of generative AI.

The IDEATHON competition open call is jointly announced by Minister Audrey Tang of the Taiwan Ministry of Digital Development (3rd from the left), Director Tatsunori Uezu from the Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corp. Taipei Office (1st from the right), Director Ms. Kallaya Leewongcharoen from the Thai Trade Office, Taipei (1st from the left), and President Chi-Yi Chang of the Taiwan Design Research Institute (2nd from the right).

Towards an Inclusive Future of the World: Organizing Jury of International Heavyweights

With the 2040 diversity & inclusion vision, this year’s Ideathon calls for global submissions to involve international citizens for co-creation of future. In addition to organizing call for submissions seminars in Thailand and Japan, this year’s competition also invites three leading interdisciplinary designers from Japan to be part of the jury, diversifying the standards and broadening the horizons of the jury. Designer TACHIKAWA Eisuke, known as Japan’s pioneer in social design, is invited to be a juror for the preliminary evaluation. Emphasizing “solving problems through design,” he believes that latest concepts and tools can be realized by technology, but only men’s creativity is the endless energy, and “asking the right questions” through empathy is the reason why our society needs “design.” As for the jury of the final evaluation, the competition invites Airbnb Japan managing director NAGATA Hidetomo, who has participated in service design projects for cities, and Tokyo University of the Arts associate professor OZAKI Hiro, who plays multiple roles as multimedia artist and film producer and strives for creating works on themes relating to gender, feminism, and technology.

No Specified Topics, the Competition Has total Prize Money of USD 500,000 for Submissions of Bold Imaginations of the Future

The first “Ideathon” in 2022 called for proposals on diverse topics, including technology, environment, medical care, and society, displaying people’s concerns and expectations for topics relating to future trends of development. To collect more creative ideas, this year’s competition has total prize money of USD 500,000, and those who complete the submission procedure can also receive an exclusive NTF as souvenir. The competition invites all to imagine the future society after 2040 and encourages creative and impactful works, creating a wonderful future under the digital trends.

Ideathon Call for Global Submissions! Applicant Opens Now and Ends 7/31

The Second Edition “Ideathon” has been officially launched on July 1, 2023, and the call for submissions ends at 17:00 (GMT+8), July 31. Regardless of age, nationality, and educational background, all individuals or groups can submit works. All participants must describe a likely life scenario in 2040 through the third-person perspective in news stories; regardless of imaginations for future life or innovative solutions for global issues, “Ideathon” looks forward to receiving exciting submissions from all sectors. For more information on the call for submissions, please visit the official “Ideathon” website: