Calibre of Deep Tech Talent Proven to Predict Future Innovation Potential of AI-Focused Companies

Zeki data demonstrates new ways to spot investment opportunities and risks by identifying and tracking the top AI talent with advanced skills in science and engineering

LONDON, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zeki, a UK-based data company, that holds the most accurate deep tech human capital intelligence dataset ever created, today published its first AI Companies Report.

Main AI Topics for Nvidia (2021–2023).From 2021 to 2023, speech and human action recognition increased in importance. New areas of expertise, autonomous vehicles and quantum computing were also prioritised. Nvidia’s interest in autonomous vehicle technology was underscored by their investment in June 2024 in Waabi, a Canadian-based autonomous trucking startup. See full report for Nvidia topic focus for 2018-2020.

Zeki’s analysis is based on its AI-specific dataset of 160,000 individuals employed in over 40,000 companies across 94 countries who are at the forefront of AI science and engineering discovery, spanning 10 years (2014–2024).

The ability to measure the innovative potential of a company’s core human intellectual capital unlocks new ways to spot investment opportunities and risks— for both listed and unlisted deep tech companies. Organisations may also leverage Zeki data to optimise their talent acquisition processes and innovation pipelines.

Top findings in the free report include:

TOP TALENT CREATES MORE IP- Zeki quantifiably demonstrates the direct link between hiring top innovators and creating more intellectual property (IP). AI WASHING IS ALIVE AND WELL- Zeki applies its analytical lens to identify companies that lack the human capital to achieve promised AI innovations, despite high levels of funding. Zeki goes further and identifies current companies with innovative talent and limited funding. TOP TALENT EXITS NOTABLE US AI COMPANY,  AS US AI HIRING PEAKS- The company, named in Zeki’s report, has struggled to hold onto top talent since its inception and has started to lose its brightest minds— hiring instead talent with less stellar innovation records. Zeki believes the ten-year rise in the USA Big 5’s hiring of top AI talent has peaked as their high-volume, high-churn model becomes unaffordable and less relevant. LEADERS OF THE PACK: INDUSTRY OUTLIERS- Zeki data demonstrates where, when, and how sector leaders J.P. Morgan, Nvidia, Bosch, Huawei and others made AI-related choices as early as 2018 that are paying dividends now. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY DOMINATES SECTOR GROWTH- Top AI Talent in medical technology has grown by over 400 percent in the US in the past five years. Zeki data identifies four small med tech companies to watch.

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The full 2024 AI Companies Report is available for free download at For expanded insights, see Zeki’s flagship report, the State of AI Talent 2024 and Zeki’s Women in AI 2024 Report for actionable intelligence on the countries, companies, universities, and sectors winning and losing in the race for top AI talent. This intelligence provides organizations with a first mover advantage to identify investment opportunities, accelerate innovation, and acquire premier talent.

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Our data contains over one million top scientists, engineers, and researchers working in deep tech in the fields of AI, quantum computing, data engineering, semiconductors and health technology — at more than 40,000 companies globally. Zeki has created 20 innovator scores that measure each individual’s innovation track record, career positioning, skills and reputation. The depth of Zeki data allows us to forecast an individual’s trajectory and potential, using machine learning and advanced analytics. The breadth of Zeki data enables us to benchmark an individual against all their peers globally. Learn more:

Nvidia tops the charts in top AI talent in thesemiconductor sector. Nvidia have become more prominent in AI over the last few years, culminating in overtaking Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company in June 2024.