BRV China Holds Inaugural Web3 & SaaS Explorer Day in Silicon Valley

Leading early-stage venture firm links start-ups, investors and academic professionals to the promising technology scene bringing together entrepreneurial minds

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China), a leading early-stage technology-focused venture firm, hosted its Web3 & SaaS Explorer Day in Silicon Valley bringing together more than 100 talented professionals – top-tier researchers, entrepreneurs and investors – who shared key insights on emerging trends in Web 3, AI and enterprise software.

BRV China remained optimistic about the development of technology sector despite the market downturn, and shared four major viewpoints:

BRV China has been actively investing in projects in China and APAC and expanding to look for impactful entrepreneurial initiatives across the globe in the future. BRV China has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in cloud computing, web3 and converged areas. Entrepreneurs need to focus on addressing the most challenging products and business-related issues while experiencing a downturn so that they can be better prepared for the next bull cycle. Cloud computing and web3 are expected to generate plenty of opportunities. The cloud computing market continues to grow rapidly. Computing infrastructure and applications have great potential to be rebuilt under a decentralized paradigm. The value of Web3 will not be fully unleashed unless it empowers consumer-facing and business enterprises.

Renowned founders shared insights, BRV China to accelerate focus on new tech verticals

Attendees of the Web3 & SaaS Explorer Day spoke about the revolutionary potential impact of decentralization and Web3 technology and the investment opportunities that arise as a result. At the event, the panelists shed light on the challenges and opportunities that come with the development of AI, cloud computing, open-source and data infrastructure.

“During a dynamic era characterized by rapid digital business transformation, innovative technologies like Web3 and AI, which require interdisciplinary expertise, are of increasing importance as we witness the modernization of information technology and business innovations in the space,” said Jui Tan, Managing Partner of BRV China. “Chinese entrepreneurs continue to work with globally dispersed teams made up of well-rounded talent that bring with them in-depth knowledge across professions as well as exceptional international insights and connections to global markets.”

With a heritage in Silicon Valley before its foray into China in 2005, BRV China not only brings to APAC the spirit of innovation from the United States but also has a clear view of the emerging trends in the market. Today, BRV China manages more than US$2 billion across multiple USD and RMB funds and has distributed over US$1 billion to investors over the years. BRV China has a finger on the pulse on developments in technology and venture capital ecosystem over two decades.

“We believe the key to successful investments that can weather economic and technological cycles is to identify disruptive innovations that dramatically improve efficiency,” said Jimmy Shi, Venture Partner at BRV China. “Many great companies started during economic slowdown before ultimately becoming household names, proving there are opportunities for great entrepreneurial initiatives particular in the bear market.”

The event also saw the participation of a group of university students with solid research and academic backgrounds with a particular focus on technological innovations. “The tech ecosystem has extended its focus to top universities, novel research institutions and science academies,” Mr. Tan added. “We will continue to deepen our collaboration with academia as we double down our focus on core technology.”

He concluded, “Silicon Valley is home to thousands of promising startups and is consistently nurturing important innovations that will be required in the future. BRV China strives to further strengthen the interaction between researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley ensuring they benefit and contribute to our efforts as we work together to build an ecosystem for innovation.

About BRV China

BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China) is a leading early-stage venture firm in China with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Having its heritage in Silicon Valley since 1998 and entered China in 2005, BRV China has managed over $2 billion through multiple USD and RMB funds, with over $1 billion cash distributions. BRV China focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who create a sustainable impact through technological innovations across enterprise services, transportation and smart machine, digital healthcare, and consumer technology sectors in China. The firm has invested in more than 150 portfolio companies, including Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI), QingCloud (688316.SH), WaterDrop (NYSE: WDH), Energy Monster (NASDAQ: EM), Mogujie/Meilishuo (NYSE: MOGU), Qudian (NYSE: QD), Ganji/, PPTV, Guazi, Meishubao, Nanyan, Shanzhen, Gaussian Robotics, Yi Auto, Pinecone, etc. The firm has been recognized as the “No.1 Early-Stage Investment Firm” in China by Zero2IPO and ChinaVenture, and “Consistent Performing Venture Capital Fund Manager” by Preqin. For further information, please visit