BRV China-Backed Apache DolphinScheduler Completes Nearly Ten Million USD Angel Round Financing

BEIJING, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apache DolphinScheduler, the next-generation cloud native DataOps platform, has recently raised a nearly ten million USD in angel round financing by Kaitai Capital and its seed round investor BlueRun Ventures China (“BRV China”). The funding will go towards attracting more talent to boost research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as data synchronization and Machine Learning Operations and enhancing the development of DataOps open-source ecology.

Apache DolphinScheduler was founded in August 2021 by the Apache Software Foundation members and some of the world’s leading data experts. Over 90% of the team is R&D experts, and the core members are from IBM, eBay, Informatica, Alibaba, ByteDance, and other big data technology firms.

With extensive experience in big data and cloud computing, Apache DolphinScheduler is dedicated to solving complex job dependencies in the data pipeline and providing various types of jobs available out of box.

“Managing the vast amount of data collected from various sources has become a challenge for companies,” said BRV China Venture Partner Jimmy Shi.

“Apache DolphinScheduler provides companies with a complete set of DataOps solutions to help them better adapt to the data processing and governance demands in the big data and cloud native era. The team has successfully incubated many well-known open-source platforms and served as the core data management facility for thousands of leading companies in the fields of Internet, cloud computing, finance and advanced manufacturing sectors. We believe that Apache DolphinScheduler is perfectly positioned to become a leading global player in the DataOps field,” Mr. Shi added.

About BRV China

BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China) is a leading early-stage venture firm in China with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Having its heritage in Silicon Valley since 1998 and entered China in 2005, BRV China has managed over $2 billion through multiple USD and RMB funds, with over $1 billion cash distributions. BRV China focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who create a sustainable impact through technological innovations across enterprise services, transportation and smart machine, digital healthcare, and consumer technology sectors in China. The firm has invested in more than 150 portfolio companies, including Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI), QingCloud (688316.SH), WaterDrop (NYSE: WDH), Energy Monster (NASDAQ: EM), Mogujie/Meilishuo (NYSE: MOGU), Qudian (NYSE: QD), Ganji/, PPTV, Guazi, Meishubao, Nanyan, Shanzhen, Gaussian Robotics, Yi Auto, Pinecone, etc. The firm has been recognized as the “No.1 Early-Stage Investment Firm” in China by Zero2IPO and ChinaVenture, and “Consistent Performing Venture Capital Fund Manager” by Preqin.

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