Bridging Gaps + Building Futures: Compugen Partners with Sun Youth for Inclusive Education

Cutting-edge technology fosters educational equity

RICHMOND HILL, ON, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Compugen Inc., the nation’s largest privately-owned and operated Technology Ally, is proud to announce a philanthropic contribution to Sun Youth, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting disadvantaged youth in Montreal.

Compugen has donated advanced hardware and services, including Microsoft Surface Hubs, to Sun Youth’s tutoring and mentorship programs. Compugen is also providing services to configure, deploy, and educate users on their effective use. This donation aims to enhance the educational experiences of all children, bridging the gap in access to quality education and mentorship.

Sun Youth provides essential services such as sports programs, tutoring, and mentorship for underprivileged children. The organization identified challenges in delivering effective tutoring in the native language of the kids in the program. Compugen’s donation of Microsoft Surface Hubs will enable remote tutoring and mentorship, allowing educators from other regions, such as Quebec City, to connect with students without the need for travel. 

Through this donation — and utilizing the new functionality provided through Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams — Compugen is transforming Sun Youth’s ability to deliver training to the kids in their program regardless of their native language. Whether they are anglophone, francophone — or speak a completely different native language — kids will be able to receive tutoring and mentorship from any speaker anywhere in the world speaking almost any language. 

In addition to tutoring, Sun Youth’s sports programs — including basketball and football — will benefit from this technological enhancement. Using touch and ink functions on the Surface Hub, coaches can now conduct more effective training sessions, encouraging greater participation and engagement from children and their families. This innovative approach not only fosters better athletic skills but also strengthens community relationships and promotes inclusivity.

A standout feature of the Microsoft Surface Hubs is their live translation capability. This technology allows real-time translation of spoken language, ensuring that both anglophone and francophone students can participate fully in mentorship and coaching sessions. This feature ensures that language barriers do not hinder the educational and developmental opportunities available to these children.

“At Compugen, we believe in the transformative power of technology to create equitable learning environments,” says Stéphan Wener, Compugen VP Sales, Eastern Canada. “By providing these advanced tools, we are helping to bridge educational gaps and help young minds realize new possibilities.”

The introduction of this cutting-edge technology is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and reach of Sun Youth’s programs. With the ability to connect with coaches, tutors, and mentors remotely, more children will have access to personalized educational support.

“We are incredibly grateful for Compugen’s donation, which will greatly enhance our tutoring and mentorship programs,” says Johanne Saltarelli, Executive Director at Sun Youth. “This technology will enable us to reach more children and bridge educational gaps, ensuring that all youth have the support they need to succeed.”

The sports programs are also anticipated to see increased participation, as the new technology makes coaching sessions more engaging and effective. Overall, this donation will enable Sun Youth to expand its impact, helping more children achieve their full potential.

“Our commitment to being human-centered and technology-enabled drives us to make a difference in various sectors,” adds Wener. “The application of these technologies is almost limitless, benefiting not just education, but potentially any industry. At Compugen, we dream, design, and deliver solutions that open new possibilities for everyone.”

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