Boutir Wins HKRTIA’s Retail Innovation Award- Product & Solution

HONG KONG, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boutir Limited is pleased to announce that it has won in the Technology and Solution category in the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (HKRTIA) the Best Retail Innovation Awards. This is a strong endorsement of our outstanding business strategy, as well as an acknowledgement of our capable and innovative team, among a pool of strong contestants.

Boutir’s brand-new “Phygital” store transcends the constraints of the traditional online store, providing customers with choices beyond cold, stale images and text about merchandise by engaging them with shoppable videos and livestreams. This transforms shopping into an interactive and personalised adventure that virtually reproduces the physical store experience. Our new offerings strengthen customers’ brand loyalty, increase confidence in the merchandise and break the long-standing bottleneck of online store business.

Boutir’s co-founder Parson Ho said, “Boutir is grateful for the recognition from the professional judges, the trust of our merchants and the effort of our team. Customers’ willingness to spend is increasingly influenced by video content, especially among the younger generation. Previously, many brands have attempted to use social media videos and livestreaming to convert traffic into sales in online stores. They invested substantial resources in content generation and advertising to gain traffic, but the results were far from satisfactory because they failed to meet experience expectations. Social media platforms are not designed as marketplaces for processing transactions, so business opportunities can be easily missed. Boutir’s ‘Phygital’ store solution enhances the shoppability of social media video and livestreaming and enables easy integration with a brand’s online store. Coupled with content planning and production support from our experienced team, the solution can significantly increase average dwell time, product click rate and average order value of customers visiting the brand’s online store. ‘Phygital’ store can also be used as a campaign site – a major point of interest for retailers, branded merchants, financial institutions, travel agencies and exhibition organisers – for achieving a head start at shopping seasons such as Double 11, Black Friday and Christmas.”

About Boutir

Founded in 2015, Boutir is a video-centric, one-stop online e-commerce platform where merchants can launch their stores, manage day-to-day operations, produce video content and promote their merchandise through live streaming and shoppable video. Our “Phygital” store solution brings human connection to customers through real life experiences and interactivity. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Boutir currently serves over 150,000 merchants.