’s Seven Predictions for the Reimagination of Travel in 2023

LONDON, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, releases travel predictions research that foresees travellers navigating contradiction and chaos as they adapt to changing times in the year ahead. Against the backdrop of global upheaval, the digital travel platform reveals people are experiencing a multi-directional tug-of-war, working to reconcile what is important.

As the mood shifts from one of hopeful uncertainty in 2022 to bold adaptability in 2023, some of the predicted trends include:

Preppers in Paradise – Some are losing confidence in the world and the frivolous must-have comforts of modern life, with over half of UK travellers (57%) seeking ‘off-grid’ style vacations to escape from reality. Close to three in five (54%) want to use travel as an opportunity to learn survival skills and, in some cases, prepare for an apocalypse.

Delight in the Discomfort Zone – Whether it’s bottled-up energy, pent-up frustration or a new lease on life, the world is ready to dive into new experiences. Over half (58%) of UK travellers are looking forward to experiencing ‘out of comfort zone’ travel and, as a result, we’ll see an influx of niche experiences allowing people to take travel escapades to the extreme.

Saving to Splurge – While investing in a holiday remains a top priority for 44% of Brits, amidst economic uncertainty being budget conscious is key, with over three-fifths (62%) seeking more bang for their buck. Despite this, many travellers are still prepared to splurge. 2023 will see people employing savvy saving methods in order to spend more on holiday elements that mean the most to them.

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