BOE Varitronix opens new horizon of smart mobility at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BOE Varitronix Limited, the global automotive display arm of BOE, presented a host of futuristic automotive display products and smart cockpit solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024) from January 9 to 12, local time. In addition to BOE’s own automotive display products empowered by its three technology brands, the smart cockpit solutions tailored for partners such as Geely Auto were also on display. During the show, BOE Varitronix Limited held a product launch themed “Smart Display, Green Mobility,” unveiling new technologies, products, and forms that revolutionize smart cockpit and set the trends in smart mobility. The centerpiece was BOE’s “HERO” initiative for automotive display innovation in healthiness, entertainment, relaxation, and office (HERO) scenarios.

New technologies: first-in-class display products for smart cockpit

At the show, BOE Varitronix Limited showcased its game-changing automotive display technologies, such as oxide TFT, flexible OLED, 8K, Mini LED, and BD Cell. In terms of oxide TFT technology, the company debuted the world’s first ever 45-inch 9K oxide TFT Mini LED display. Another big highlight was the 14.6-inch 2.5K oxide TFT display, which boasts high transmittance, high contrast ratios, a wide color gamut, slim bezels, high cost-effectiveness, and more. BOE ventured into the oxide TFT field over a decade ago, and its facilities in Hefei, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Chengdu have already achieved mass production. BOE’s oxide TFT display technology has been used in countless devices ranging from mobile phones to 110-inch TVs. Among them, the Hyper GT by GAC Aion is armed with BOE’s 14.6-inch oxide TFT in-cell display, the first of its kind in China. This also signifies that BOE Varitronix Limited has pioneered the mass production of large-size oxide TFT automotive displays.

In the field of flexible display, BOE offers a full line of products to help turn the cockpit into a comfortable, multiform space. The 15.05-inch L-shaped central display exhibited at the show has peak brightness of 1,200 nits, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, and 104% coverage of the NTSC color gamut. The display can sustain up to 200,000 times of folding in room temperature, with a maximum lifting distance of 50mm. The product can be used in the dashboard, passenger seats, handrails, etc., adding a high-tech touch to the cockpit. The f-OLED taillight product is the perfect marriage of function and aesthetics, making it an innovative use case of OLED technology in the field of automotive lighting.

At the show, BOE Varitronix Limited also showed off Mini LED and BD Cell automotive displays that deliver superior image quality and an immersive experience. To be more specific, the 27.0-inch 4K Mini LED curved display has a million-level contrast ratio, wide color gamut, high transmittance, and high brightness. It features a stylish look and supports wide viewing angles for user comfort. The 12.3-inch 2K BD Cell display empowered by the BD 2.0 technology achieves ultrahigh contrast ratio, pixel-level dimming, and ultra-fine light control, which delivers true black and redefines smart mobility.

New products: state-of-the-art smart cockpit solutions integrating software and hardware

In addition to innovation in automotive display, BOE offers total smart cockpit solutions integrating software and hardware. The 42.2-inch smart cockpit product on display exemplifies integrated innovation in automotive scenarios. The exterior, display, printed circuit board, and software of the cockpit were all developed by BOE independently. The display sports a whopping 10K resolution and comes with an under-display camera in the instrument panel, meeting the needs of driving, in-vehicle control, and entertainment at one time. Leveraging AI technology based on deep learning and the Smart View Control (SVC) solution, it creates a smarter, safer, and more considerate travel experience for users.

So far, the smart cockpit solutions of BOE Varitronix Limited have found wide application in high-end flagship models of leading car brands. At the booth of BOE Varitronix Limited, two top-of-the-range car models amazed the visitors with incredible smart travel experiences and highly immersive viewing experiences. Specifically, the Geely Galaxy E8 all-electric coupe is equipped with BOE’s first ever 45-inch 8K display, the width of which is unmatched among mass-produced car models and the height is equivalent to that of mainstream mobile phones. As such, it gives the driver a wide viewing angle of up to 88 degrees, while effectively avoiding visual distractions from rearview mirrors. The instrument panel, central display, and passenger display are ingeniously integrated into a single forward-thinking display, setting the pace for smart cockpit.

New forms: global launch of low-carbon automotive display product

At CES 2024, the showcase of BOE Varitronix Limited culminated in the product launch themed “Smart Display, Green Mobility.” Present at the event were Dr. Gavin Gao, President of BOE, Su Ning, CEO of BOE Varitronix Limited, John Z. Zhang, General Manager of Display and Corning Asia, and Michael P. Kunigonis Jr., Vice President of Corning Automotive Glass Solutions.

The newly launched 45-inch smart cockpit product is a large-size chip-on-glass (COG) oxide TFT display with an ultrahigh refresh rate. Leveraging the high charge carrier mobility of oxide TFTs, the product achieves a staggering 9K resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. Armed with the COG Mini LED backlight technology, it boasts 6,048 local dimming zones, a million-level contrast ratio, and peak brightness of 1,500 nits. Backed by BOE’s proprietary oxide low-carbon technology and Mini LED technology, the in-vehicle display lowers power consumption by 20% to 30%. Furthermore, it adopts the cold bending technology co-developed with Corning, which enables a wrap-around curved design by bending the glass in room temperature. This fully reflects BOE’s solid strength in technological innovation and is a strategic output of collaboration with partners in the field of sustainability. Thanks to its technical originality and leading edges in display effects and sustainability, the 45-inch smart cockpit product received a gold award of 2023-2024 Innovative Display Product-BOE Automotive Ultra Large-Size Oxide Cockpit,leading the way in the global automotive display space.

BOE’s automotive display business has made a leap just in a span of several years. It has pioneered the mass production of automotive displays on its Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD production line, is among the first in China to mass produce OLED and BD Cell automotive displays, and now plans on establishing a facility to mass produce the world’s largest automotive display. According to data from the global research leader Omdia, in the first three quarters of 2023, BOE took the top spot worldwide by both shipments and shipment area of in-vehicle displays. It has been empowering over 100 famous auto brands around the world with its innovative display technologies and products. BOE pursues sustainable development concept and incorporates green concepts in product design, production, packaging, transportation, and other phases in a push for green and low-carbon transformation of industry. BOE now has 16 smart factories that have been designated as “national green factories.” The two automotive display module production bases of BOE Varitronix Limited are designed, built, and operated in an eco-friendly fashion. This represents a concrete action to honor its commitment to sustainability, setting a new benchmark in sustainable manufacturing.

In response to the evolving consumer needs, high-end, diversified, and integrated smart cockpit products are on trend, turning the cockpit into the “third living space.” BOE has announced the “HERO” initiative, in which it will collaborate with global partners to present a full line of smart cockpit solutions designed for healthiness, entertainment, relaxation, and office (HERO) scenarios. Guided by the strategy of “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display,” BOE will push forward the “Powered by BOE” innovation ecosystem and continue working alongside global partners to deliver an even smarter and more convenient and comfortable travel experience.