BOE IPC 2023 kicks off, themed “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display”

BEIJING, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 28, BOE Innovation Partner Conference 2023 (BOE IPC 2023) opened in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center, with the theme of “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display.” The sixth edition of the grand gathering of global display and IoT ecosystem partners coincided with the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE. This year’s IPC Week brought together a cohort of industry experts, ecosystem partners and leading enterprises and featured a series of activities, such as keynote speeches, themed forums, BOE × partner innovation exhibition, innovation partner program and signing ceremony for strategic cooperation. A range of first-in-class products were unveiled at the event. Moreover, BOE IPC 2023 was live broadcast through the world’s first 8K+5G UHD broadcasting vehicle, presenting the amazing industry event to audiences anywhere.

Empowering myriad scenarios and fostering a dynamic innovation ecosystem through “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display”

At BOE IPC 2023, Liu Qiao, Dean of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China, Chen Mingjie, Director of Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau, Liu Wenqing, Vice President of China Academy of Industrial Internet, and other experts and industry influencers delivered keynote speeches and shared their insights.

Chen Yanshun, Chairman of BOE, gave a keynote speech titled Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display, where he reviewed BOE’s role and contributions in the era of the internet, mobile internet and IoT over the past 30 years. “Keeping abreast of the trend of the times, we put forward the development strategy of ‘Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display’ aiming to bring displays with more diverse features and forms to a wider range of scenarios. We constantly deepen innovation cooperation with our partners to create a collaborative ecosystem and empower the digital transformation of various industries. Currently, we have over 5,000 partners and are working with them to dive into nearly 100 scenarios and implement benchmark projects in various segments, such as park, finance, education, 8K UHD display, visual art and digital exhibition, thus empowering the smart transformation of industries. Looking ahead, BOE is ready to join hands with global partners to create a new future of smart IoT and build an innovative, harmonious and win-win ecological community!” said Chen Yanshun.

In his speech titled Scenarios, Partners and Collaboration, Dr. Gavin Gao, President of BOE, said, “This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE. Having transformed from a display supplier to an innovative IoT company, we will focus on smart IoV, IoT and other scenarios in the future and deepen the fusion of display, sensing, AI, IoT and other core technologies to achieve value transition. This is also in line with our concept for launching BOE IPC. As a technology company, we not only set eyes on our own innovation and business development but also uphold sustainable development concepts like Green+, Innovation+ and Community+ in the process of management and operations to promote integrated development of the enterprise and society. We look forward to your further involvement in the implementation of the strategy of ‘Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display’ and in the building of the ‘Powered by BOE’ innovation ecosystem.”

Frontier technologies defying imagination, cutting-edge products setting the pace for industry

In the exhibition area of BOE IPC 2023, BOE showcased a plethora of its latest futuristic technologies. In the LCD field, BOE’s 110-inch UB Cell monitor empowered by high-end display technology ADS Pro was one of the biggest highlights. It features six core strengths, namely, 178-degree viewing angles, ultralow reflectivity, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, wide color gamut and high brightness, delivering ultimate image quality in strong ambient lighting. In terms of flexible display, the world’s first 17-inch foldable laptop draw a large audience with its disruptive flexible form. Based on BOE’s all-new module structure solution, the industry’s first foldable product that can be folded both lengthwise and breadthwise supports three forms, namely, being unfolded fully, folded in an “X” pattern or folded in a “Y” pattern, which can greatly expand the application of smart devices in office, creation, gaming, entertainment and other scenarios. BOE also exhibited its industry-leading flexible display armed with the LTPO and tandem technologies. It achieves peak brightness of 2,000 nits, reduces power consumption by over 20% and at the same time, increases the service life by three to four times, providing a superior OLED experience for users. In the MLED field, BOE presented its world-leading LTPS P0.5 COG AM MLED display, which is an industry pacesetter using the company’s original lateral cabling technique. At the event, BOE released a 32-inch light field 3D monitor and exhibited its 31.5-inch UHD 480 Hz high-end esports display, the world’s first-in-class 27-inch low-carbon display v2.0 and other pioneering products.

At the entrance to the exhibition area, BOE showed how its IoT all-in-one platform supports the implementation of the strategy of “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display”. In terms of smart park, BOE’s smart edge solution based on the cloud-edge-terminal architecture provides customers with OPS capabilities featuring “development in the cloud, deployment on the terminal.” Compared to centralized cloud storage solutions, it reduces computing resources by nearly 70% and enables smart park operations encompassing people flow, park security and more. Currently, BOE’s smart park solutions have been implemented in over 20 cities. BOE’s one-stop smart finance solutions integrating “screen + platform + software + content” have found way into a number of financial institutions, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and China Minsheng Bank, serving over 3,000 branches in 25 cities. In the field of smart mobility, through the merging of its world-leading display and AIoT technologies, BOE’s first-of-its-kind smart cockpit has a 42.2-inch display and a 6.94-inch Camera Monitor System (CMS). The display features an ultrahigh resolution of 10K, a million-level contrast ratio and a 110% color gamut, delivering vibrant colors and a superb viewing experience. Furthermore, five AI-empowered safe driving technologies have been implemented, including safety belt detection, driver sleep detection and vehicle owner identification.

While consolidating its own technical strengths, BOE practices the concept of green manufacturing. At BOE IPC 2023, the company released Toward Carbon Neutrality: BOE Low-carbon Development Report, where it for the first time reveals its low-carbon development objectives and promises to achieve carbon-free business operations by 2050. As a leading technology company with global influence, BOE always embeds sustainable development concept in its business operations. As of 2022, BOE had 15 smart factories that have been designated as “national green factories.”

Working with partners to create “Powered by BOE” innovation ecosystem

In addition to showcasing its world-leading technologies and products at BOE IPC 2023, BOE debuted a host of cutting-edge technologies together with dozens of ecosystem partners, including Honor, FAW Group, NIO, Aston Martin, Chery and XPeng. Among them, the Skyworth Q53 Wallpaper TV equipped with BOE’s HSR frequency doubling technology boasts an ultralow reflectivity of 2%–2.6% and high refresh rates of 120 Hz–240 Hz, delivering an ultimate viewing experience to users. The Honor Magic5 series comes with BOE’s 6.81-inch flexible OLED display and first-of-its kind LTPO and spotlight technologies to achieve better battery life, lower power consumption, higher performance and more effective eye care. Plus, BOE presented glass-based smart antenna, diffuser and other innovative products together with Corning.

BOE joined hands with a dozen car brands to showcase an array of cutting-edge technologies and products. For example, the NIO ES6 equipped with BOE’s 12.8-inch flexible OLED display boasts a million-level contrast ratio and a wide color gamut of 100% and delivers true-to-life colors. The Hyper GT by GAC Aion is armed with BOE’s 14.6-inch oxide in-cell display for vehicles, the first of its kind in China. The XPeng G6 comes with BOE’s 10.2-inch central display and 14.96-inch instrument panel, and the NETA GT sports car features a 17.6-inch central display, demonstrating BOE’s strength in large-size in-vehicle displays.

In order to deepen the implementation of the strategy of “Empower IoT: an Opening Innovation Platform on Display” and empower a myriad of application scenarios with displays, 10 forums were held during the IPC Week, including the Display Forum, IoT Innovation Forum, MLED Forum, Sensing Forum, Smart Engineering Medicine Forum, Flexible OLED Forum, Metaverse Forum, Technology Hub Forum, Industrial Internet Forum and AI and Big Data Forum.

As a world-leading innovative IoT company, BOE invested over RMB10 billion in R&D for two consecutive years since 2021. Up to date, BOE has filed a total of more than 80,000 patent applications, including over 28,000 related to flexible OLED. At this year’s IPC conference, BOE also invited top experts in the industry as strategic technology advisors and technology consultants and pool internal and external R&D resources to jointly create three major technology sources of semiconductor display, IoT innovation, and sensor devices, creating shared value through in-depth cooperation and collaborative development.

Standing at a new starting point, BOE will strive to build the “Powered by BOE” innovation ecosystem through its “technology + brand” dual-drive model, empower upstream and downstream partners with forward-looking technology R&D and application innovation, and work with them to shape the IoT ecosystem, tap into development opportunities and create a new and shared future.