Blue Bay sets sights on the global high-end pet food market

Blue Bay is a Taiwanese pet food brand and famous for using local and natural ingredients and focusing on functionality

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The farming industry in Taiwan is flourishing, particularly in small-scale farming. These farmers have the freedom to choose the way of cultivation methods, such as organic and pesticide-free, which aligns with Blue Bay’s priority when selecting ingredients. Blue Bay has captured the hearts of consumers here in Taiwan, it’s distinguished by its use of natural, reliable, healthy ingredients, and the palatability of its pet food. These ingredients meet human-graded standards, including organic eggs, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, offering different functions and nutrients needed for a pet’s daily diet. Supply them from the basics to reduce the chances of nutritional imbalance that can lead to illness.

Blue Bay is dedicated to producing pet food and supplements for our beloved pets. We strictly select the farms to collaborate from across Taiwan. Not only giving healthy food but also making the pet owner happy, it extends support towards the development of local agriculture, livestock, and the pet industry. In the current era dominated by sustainability concerns, including environmental, social, and governance issues, Blue Bay is proud to say that Taiwan’s pet food brands are leading the way, prioritizing the well-being of pets and industry growth, creating a win-win situation for all.

Given the changes in population and lifestyle, pet ownership has steadily increased in recent years. As traditional extended families give way to smaller households, and in some cases, pets take the place of children. As a result, people are more concerned about the health and well-being of their pet’s diet, even the nutrition intake for their pets.

One of the features of Blue Bay is functional pet food. Since the first pack of hypoallergenic was introduced in 2006, Blue Bay has been using local Taiwanese ingredients. The products are free from corn, soybean, and wheat, emphasizing sensitive skin dog food. However, the product line has expanded beyond skin care but also for cardiovascular and joint health. Blue Bay is committed to providing quality pet food for all pet owners, featuring healthy and nutritious food with premium protein sources, like meat and fish, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, probiotics, and mineral zinc, all of which adhere to AAFCO standards.

Beyond pet food, Blue Bay has developed a variety of supplements, with one of their most popular supplements, Richer Coat, which boosts skin and coat health. Collaborating with the nutritionist team, Blue Bay used fresh, natural ingredients, like softshell turtle eggs, which are one of the premium sources of protein and lecithin. Blue Bay also added zinc to boost the regrowth of cells and biotin for a better metabolism, giving the skin and coat better protection. Blue Bay did not just stop here, they have developed supplements for various care, from eyes to joints. The goal of Blue Bay is to bring natural, reliable, and premium pet food and supplements to the global  market.

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