Blaze Audio reveals Wall-S1 networked controller to add to its award-winning connected amplifiers: Pascal A/S

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blaze Audio reveals a NEW product in its commercial audio solutions. The Wall-S1 networked controller supplements our award-winning DSP amplifiers and delivers the solution to connect, configure and control installed systems.

Wall-S1 enables end-user control of input source and volume, as well as many advanced features and settings that system installers can easily configure for any room or location. Multiple Wall-S1 controllers can easily be added to the system, and the simple menu provides a customizable interface that you can depend on.

Any Blaze PowerZone Connect amplifier can be controlled remotely with the Wall-S1. Whether it’s a connected amplifier, wall controller, or both, these easy-to-setup solutions have software built in that allows you to modify any installed system in minutes, saving installers a ton of time. Integrate multiple controllers per zone and manage any sound zone at any location with ease.

Connect up to 8 x Wall-S1 per PowerZone Connect amplifier – fits with many install projects Allocate any Wall-S1 to any sound zone – easily set-up in the PowerZone Control web app PoE for easy network pairing – real-time device syncing with system and controller power supply Easily change source or manage volume in a zone – with pre-set minimum and maximum levels PIN code protection – for basic & advanced access, incl. system shutdown when leaving a location

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Take Control of a sound zone — Change source and manage volume controls in seconds. Supported with PIN code protection for system security and access, the Wall-S1 then ideal for commercial locations like bars, restaurants, cafés and retail stores. Control them all with a few simple taps. Other use-cases are meeting rooms, auditoriums, schools – and even residential installations.

Design & Customisation — Minimal Danish design with no exposed screws and fully customisable; with four different display colour schemes, four screen brightness settings, and four settings for the button light. The user interface and built-in display colour schemes can be modified to meet the needs of a specific location. The Wall-S1 ships in both EU and US versions, in both black and white.

PowerZone Control makes life simple thanks to its intuitive interface – a main dashboard shows the overview of your system, with volume adjustment levels for each sound zone you create. Look further to gain access to the advanced configuration and professional install settings. Explore a variety of tuning options – including easy to install speaker EQ’s, where you can import an approved library, or one you’ve created for a specific location. Update firmware, copy and back-up your amp profile for use on another project – and integrate the amp with Wall-S1, or other smart room controllers via Blaze 3rd party drivers. All PowerZone Connect models have software-controlled DSP, routing, and easy to configure sound zones. All set up in minutes with the PowerZone Control web app. 

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