Biznet to Accelerate Connectivity Across Indonesia with Ciena

Ciena’s 6500 to support Biznet’s business expansion across Java, Bali, Sumatra, Batam and Bangka Islands

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Biznet, an integrated digital infrastructure company in Indonesia, has selected Ciena‘s (NYSE: CIEN) 6500 Packet Optical Platform powered by WaveLogic coherent optics to help boost the network capacity, coverage and adaptability of the New Biznet Fiber. With Ciena’s technology, Biznet can expand its network to more than 180 cities across the country and meet the growing needs of a digital Indonesia.

Biznet to accelerate connectivity across Indonesia with Ciena

“As Indonesia recovers from the pandemic, digital activity patterns are once again going to change. We will have a mix of network needs as some people return to the office, while others adopt a hybrid work model. With Ciena’s 6500, we will be able to deliver high-capacity networking that maximizes the bandwidth efficiency, capacity and flexibility of the overall network, helping us meet evolving customer needs,” said Adi Kusma, President Director, Biznet.

To be deployed by Ciena partner, Terrabit Networks, Ciena’s 6500 integrates optical transport networking and flexible advanced photonics capabilities across multiple chassis form factors, providing Biznet with a programmable infrastructure that can dynamically scale and adjust to changing network requirements. Additionally, the 6500’s high-density 10G and 100G transponders enable multi-protocol, low-latency and wire-speed encryption capabilities to maximize Biznet’s service and enable the internet service provider to explore new business segments.

“Since 2014, Terrabit Networks has deployed and supported Biznet’s optical transport network (Jakarta-Bangka-Batam-Singapore) together with Ciena – with a maximum capacity of 1.6 Tbps connecting over 1000km of fiber; and the 2Tbps capacity Java Backbone connecting over 3000km of fiber, the upcoming 1.2Tbps capacity expansion into Sumatra and Java island, with over 1000km of connected fiber. This partnership has, and will continue to enable the growth of Biznet’s fiber network to newer levels of capacity and reach,” said Lawrence Toh, Group Managing Director, Terrabit Networks Pte Ltd.

“For close to 22 years, Biznet has played an integral role in the evolution of the internet in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy. With the 6500, we are supporting Biznet in its mission to provide fast and stable internet services to support digital activities – anywhere, anytime – in Indonesia, even as connectivity consumption habits continue to change,” said Dion Leung, Regional Managing Director, Ciena ASEAN. 

About Biznet

Biznet is an integrated digital infrastructure company in Indonesia, providing Internet, Data Center, Cloud Computing and IPTV services. We have a strong commitment to build modern infrastructure to reduce the digital gap between Indonesia and other developing countries. Biznet has been operating thousands of KM state of the art Fiber Optic Network and the largest data center in Indonesia since 2000. For more information about the company, please visit

About Terrabit Networks

Terrabit Networks is a team of information and communications technology (ICT) experts with a track record in IT solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, we bring onboard innovative system, storage, cloud-enablement and network solutions to the country and in Asia-Pacific. Terrabit Networks has in-depth knowledge in the industry and we are dedicated to supplying high-quality products that are consistent with environmental and ethical standards to meet our customer requirements. Our business offerings include system and storage, IT solutions, data protection and recovery, networking, and cloud enablement. For more information, visit

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Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) is a networking systems, services and software company. We provide solutions that help our customers create the Adaptive NetworkÔ in response to the constantly changing demands of their end-users. By delivering best-in-class networking technology through high-touch consultative relationships, we build the world’s most agile networks with automation, openness and scale. For updates on Ciena, follow us on Twitter @Ciena, LinkedIn, the Ciena Insights blog, or visit

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