Better Together on Huawei Developer Day (APAC) 2022: HMS Core industry solutions to benefit more vertical industries

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS), an essential part of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, hosted the Huawei Developer Day (APAC) 2022 in mid-November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, gathering over 300 Huawei partners, content providers, brands, and media representatives from across the Asia Pacific region to explore growth opportunities in the mobile app industry. The event focused on what benefits the HMS ecosystem provides for vertical industries, with the launch of new HMS Core industry solutions, and showcased best practices in key industries.

Huawei also introduced its latest flagship HUAWEI Mate 50 Series of phones, just about 10 years after its first HUAWEI Mate series hit the market. The new flagship series comes with groundbreaking features, spanning adjustable apertures of 10 sizes, durable Kunlun glass, up-to-date OS EMUI 13, and the latest updates to the HMS ecosystem.

Business-boosting industry solutions

HMS Core is a toolset that helps developers create quality apps, and has been innovating technologies to boost business growth for a rich array of industries. The event announced industry solutions for a wide range of industries, each of which helps developers tackle unique challenges in their chosen field.

Introduction of HMS Core Industry Solutions

Xu Zhiwu, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, HUAWEI Hong Kong (China), noted that these solutions are the fruit of HMS Core technologies and partner practices.

The speaker of HDD about HMS Core Media & Entertainment Industry Solution.

In his keynote about the media & entertainment solution, he detailed the technologies behind it that help apps deliver optimal content, smoother audiovisual experience, greater interactivity, and increased monetization. By leveraging such technologies, apps are able to provide an improved user experience at a boom time for new media. Xiaohongshu, a Chinese social app with 200 million MAUs, successfully optimized its video playback experience for users with the help of HMS Core, to ensure that users can enjoy consistently excellent playback quality for uploaded videos.

Another focus is on the e-commerce industry, a fiercely competitive and profitable sector. HMS Core’s e-commerce solution is designed to take online shopping to another level, with advanced features like visual immersion, instant interaction, and hassle-free shopping.

A relentless commitment to technological innovation

These industry solutions are backed up by HMS Core kits and capabilities, which are constantly being enhanced and fine-tuned. Huawei Developer Day (APAC) 2022 also showcased some of HMS Core’s most futuristic offerings.

3D Modeling Kit, which was created to make the 3D design as easy as possible, when integrated, allows apps to produce 3D content with little effort. AI technologies, another source of public fascination, has been a major focus of HMS Core. ML Kit supports cutting-edge features like real-scene translation and simultaneous translation, and Video Editor Kit provides a wide range of smart video editing capabilities for apps, including video content highlights, object segmentation, auto-smile, and AI color. These technologies work in tandem to create mind-bending effects, the likes of which are usually seen in science fiction.

HMS Core’s presentation captured the public’s imagination, as it showed how digital innovation can power diverse industries for the foreseeable future. HMS Core will continue to open up powerful capabilities that enable developers to craft the game-changing apps of tomorrow and provide next-level app experience for consumers.

About Huawei Developer Day

Huawei Developer Day (HDD) is a platform built by Huawei for in-depth communication with developers, business partners, and many more people engaged. It provides them with the latest open capabilities and services and brings them the latest industry trends in mobile devices.

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