BETT 2024: ViewSonic to Debut New EdTech Solutions for Effective and Personalized Learning Across All Education Levels

BREA, Calif., Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ViewSonic Corp., a global leader in visual and EdTech solutions, is unveiling its latest EdTech solutions for K-12 to higher education at the BETT Show 2024 (British Educational Training and Technology). The company is debuting two new software solutions: ClassSwift, a real-time class interaction and management tool that empowers teachers to assess student comprehension on-the-fly and personalize learning experiences, and “TeamWork”, a real-time collaborative whiteboarding software with ready-made templates for seamless collaboration, transforming any space into a digital workspace for strategic discussions. Additionally, ViewSonic is showcasing its upcoming 110″ 4K ViewBoard interactive display with advanced multitasking capabilities and the new “Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms” for enhanced hybrid learning efficiency.

ViewSonic unveils its latest EdTech solutions for K-12 to higher education at the BETT 2024.

“We are thrilled to present the expansion of our portfolio of EdTech solutions at BETT 2024,” said Clifford Chen, General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. “Our commitment extends beyond equipping educators with advanced tools; we aim to transform the teaching and learning experience for everyone involved. With our latest hardware and software solutions, enriched digital lesson content, and dynamic global educator communities, we pave the way for educational transformation, turning classrooms into hubs of innovation and real-time interaction.”

Interactive Classroom Experience for Everyone
ViewSonic enhances modern teaching practices with a range of innovative classroom solutions. Among its latest offerings is ClassSwift, which empowers teachers to create instant push-and-respond content using existing teaching materials to boost classroom engagement and reduce lesson preparation time. It also streamlines teachers’ work by providing quick insights into student comprehension levels using interactive question formats like quizzes, audio, and sketch responses. These features allow teachers to manage their classes more efficiently, sparking classroom excitement and captivating students’ attention.

In addition, the upcoming ViewBoard 110G Series is an expansive 110″ interactive display designed to elevate classroom interactivity. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, 4K resolution, advanced split-screen functionality, and convenient floating window capabilities, educators can effortlessly multitask for dynamic presentations and classroom activities. They can play videos in one window while simultaneously annotating content and demonstrating workings in another window. Seamlessly integrating with digital lesson content from ViewSonic Originals, it allows teachers to deliver engaging lessons in the classroom or the UNIVERSE 3D virtual campus while hosting interactive activities with ClassSwift on the expansive interactive display.

To support myViewBoard‘s growing global community, ViewSonic plans to introduce additional educational content packs for ViewSonic Originals later this year. Recognized as a finalist at the BETT Awards 2024, this platform offers a range of ready-made teaching materials. The new packs aim to lessen teachers’ workload by providing plug-and-play lesson content, tutorial videos, worksheets, and guides. They also offer the flexibility for teachers to augment lessons with backgrounds, graphics, GIFs, and online games, making learning more engaging.

Optimized Collaboration and Communication in Higher Education   
Developed to support collaboration, brainstorming, and strategic planning in higher education, ViewSonic’s “TeamWork” is an online whiteboarding software. It serves as a central hub for all project-related tasks, connecting participants to generate ideas and plans among peers from any location. TeamWork stands out with its versatile range of whiteboard templates like SWOT analysis, value proposition, business model canvas, and more— crafted specifically to expedite discussions. All templates can be easily accessed on any device through a browser, making them ideal for both remote and in-person use.

ViewSonic’s “Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms” is a complete video conferencing offering. It comprises a mini-PC pre-installed with Microsoft Teams Rooms, a 10.1″ touch console for efficient meeting initiation and control, and a 4K conference camera bar equipped with a speaker and microphone. This solution easily pairs with various displays, including the expansive 105″ ViewBoard with a 21:9 aspect ratio and stunning 5K ultra-high-quality imagery.  The setup ensures quick connections for all remote and in-person participants, making it feel like everyone is in the same room.

To explore the ViewSonic Education Ecosystem and the EdTech solutions it comprises, visit booth #NK10 at Bett 2024, ExCel London. For more information, please visit ViewSonic’s BETT 2024 event page.

ViewSonic at BETT 2024
Location: Booth #NK10, ExCel London
Dates and Times:

January 24th – 25th, 2024: 10 a.m.6 p.m. January 26th, 2024: 10 a.m.5 p.m.

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