BellSoft Releases Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform for Java Developers

New offering includes the only optimized Java Linux distribution, delivers up to 50% lower RAM consumption

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BellSoft, the creator of Liberica JDK, a progressive Java runtime for the most complete Java experience and a leading OpenJDK contributor, today announced the release of the Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform and Alpaquita Linux. The offerings are designed to meet the growing demand for more efficient, highly secure and supported Java software that performs better and reduces cloud computing costs.

“We are passionately committed to the modernization of Java for a cloud-native world, and we believe the best way to achieve this is through open source collaboration, and it’s why we are one of the top contributors to OpenJDK,” said BellSoft CEO and co-founder Alex Belokrylov. “With today’s introduction of new products we are extending our leadership in the Java community to address pain points around efficiency and cost, so developers can focus on creating innovative, scalable, cloud-native applications.”

The Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform includes the new Alpaquita Linux distribution, Liberica Lite, a version of Liberica JDK specifically optimized for cloud environments, and Liberica Native Image Kit. Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform is purpose built for large enterprises looking to improve sustainable development practices, and decrease costs and energy consumption. It is ideal for extensive Java workloads and optimizes cloud and hardware resources to deliver improved ROI on cloud investments. Features include:

Optimal RAM consumption for Java deployment; Java and GraalVM support to run in any infrastructure and on any cloud; Top-notch security enhanced with modern features and CVE-tracking; Support for Linux and Java Runtime with SLA; Minimal static footprint for containerized applications.

About BellSoft

BellSoft delivers the most complete Java experience. Our Java platform, Liberica JDK, provides a unified Java experience across the organization, delivering a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective approach to application development in any platform and any environment. BellSoft is one of the largest contributors to OpenJDK and is the runtime of choice for VMware, Pivotal, Spring, JetBrains, and more. BellSoft serves millions of use cases and global brands across every industry, helping companies build for the future every day. For more information, visit

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