Belden Hosts Inaugural Industrial Automation Solutions Summit in Singapore

Summit provides opportunity to discuss industry trends and celebrate opening of new customer innovation centres offering industry-leading technologies to elevate the digital economy

SINGAPORE, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Belden Inc., leading global supplier of digitization and network infrastructure solutions, is today holding its inaugural Industrial Automation Solutions Summit in Singapore, bringing together industry leaders to discuss new solutions required in a world of Industry 4.0 and the convergence of IT and OT. The two-day event will feature keynotes and industry conversations from industry experts.

Celebrating over 120 years of innovation and excellence in networking and connectivity equipment, Belden is undergoing its own transformation as it transitions from a manufacturer and equipment provider to a trusted partner providing customized digitization solutions for customers navigating rapid changes in technology. Belden is now well-positioned to help customers on their digital transformation journey with a continued expansion of its solution and service offerings to deliver smart manufacturing technologies and enable better business outcomes.

With an expansive ecosystem of partner brands delivering a complete portfolio of networking software, hardware and services, Belden offers its customers end-to-end solutions – from design, deployment and maintenance of mission-critical infrastructures – to enable efficient, smart and secure manufacturing networks where IT and OT are fully connected and secured. At the Industrial Automation Solutions Summit, Belden will share with companies in Singapore and the region what is possible when adapting to a data-driven world and provide them with the opportunity to learn from others who have already begun the journey.

“We take pride in our legacy of innovation, powering invention for customers like Thomas Edison. Today we unify data across disparate systems, sensors and networks, making it easier to automate and optimize processes while keeping operations safe and secure. We are very excited to bring the Industrial Automation Solutions Summit to Singapore to help businesses unlock the potential of digital transformation and navigate the disruptions of IT/OT convergence in Industry 4.0. In this era of radical business transformation, Belden has an important role to play.” said Pavan Mahajan, Vice President, Solutions Delivery APAC, Belden.

At the heart of Belden’s own transformation is the company’s innovative approach, bringing integrated solutions and value-added services via Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) across the world. Located in Stuttgart, Germany; Silicon Valley (Santa Clara), USA; Bengaluru, India; Chicago, USA; and Shanghai, China, the five CICs provide an ecosystem for Belden customers to co-innovate with sales and product engineers from anywhere in the world to develop, test, document and deploy solutions that drive efficiency, security and innovation. Belden is focused on delivering solutions for customers in high growth verticals including Consumer Packaged Goods, Material Handling, Automotive, Mass Transit, Process Manufacturing, Energy and Intelligent Traffic Systems.

The Industrial Automation Solutions Summit will highlight the benefits and proven outcomes of this solutions-oriented approach and introduce Belden’s smart manufacturing technologies to organizations in Asia Pacific (APAC). The two-day event will span November 10th and 11th, 2022 in Singapore and will connect attendees with industry experts, Belden partners and customers, as well as Belden global and regional senior leadership to discuss the future of smart manufacturing and industrial automation. In attendance will be Belden’s global and regional executives including Dr. Ashish Chand, Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation Solutions; Andries Boone, Vice President, Solutions Delivery Americas; Pavan Mahajan, Vice President, Solutions Delivery APAC; and Vinod Rana, Vice President, Global Technical Solutions, along with Belden’s customers and partners. 

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