Beko reveals consumers avoid wasteful, passing kitchen trends in favour of durable, quality designs

European-wide survey* reveals most coveted kitchen trends

ISTANBUL, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Forget flimsy mod-cons and passing social trends, a new study has revealed that timeless design and advanced technology are the most desired features in modern kitchens, according to Beko, the leading home appliance brand.


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Modern kitchens are changing fast, becoming ever more functional, multipurpose living spaces serving as breakfast, dining and even entertainment areas with Beko’s European-wide research revealing that on average, 1 in 3 of us1 opt to use the space for dining. As a result, today’s kitchens seamlessly combine function, quality, technology and aesthetics in harmony to fulfil different needs. Beko’s extensive research sought to understand this dynamic and the design features most desired by customers. 

Aesthetics, quality, and functionality were found to be the top three values that people admired most in kitchens and appliances, with over half of the six countries surveyed, stating quality as the leading reason for feeling desirous of others’ appliances, including Germany, Poland, France and the UAE2. In contrast to the growing trend of cheaper, trendier items, the research found that the majority of us place heavy importance on the products being durable and built to last with around 61% of those surveyed across the region valuing the feature3.

The survey studied 14,000 consumers across Europe and the UAE and was carried out by OnePoll in partnership with Beko, one of the top 3 large home appliances brands in Europe*, to understand changing attitudes to kitchen design across the globe. The insights come as Beko launches its latest built-in kitchen range, a thoughtfully designed range of new kitchen solutions combining high-performance with intelligent design and new technologies.

Advanced kitchen technology emerged as another envied feature, with over half admitting to coveting others’ high-tech kitchen appliances and gadgets  such as innovative, energy efficient fridges that kept food fresher for longer4.

As expected, aside from quality and technology, aesthetic was a key factor for many respondents and consistently one of the top three reasons cited for feeling envious of others’ kitchen appliances5. Specifically, participants stated that they admired the sleek and modern design of the appliancewith a sizeable portion of us including ‘sleek and minimalist design’ as a key feature in a ‘dream kitchen’6.

Ragıp Balcıoğlu, Chief Commercial Officer at Arçelik, parent company of Beko commented on the research, “The kitchen is no longer a room exclusively for preparing meals. More and more, we are seeing the kitchen become a common space being used by all members of the family – be it as a home office, a family room, or a space for social gathering. It is important for us to understand this and tune our offering towards the growing range of wants and needs. This research confirms what we’ve observed; high quality products that look great and are equipped with the innovative technologies sit at the heart of our consumers’ dream kitchens. We hope that with this understanding, we can continue to provide great solutions for kitchens across the world.”

Interestingly, a significant chunk of the population surveyed also cited easy installation of kitchen appliances as an important feature in their coveted appliances7, indicating there’s more to appliance desire than how it looks and how it works and consumers in fact, look for ease and functionality in their appliance before it’s even installed.

The research also revealed that most consumers are not likely to rest once they’ve seen something they like, with a heavy proportion of us acting on our desires and buying a similar product for our own homes8 in fact, many do so more than once9.

Beko’s newest Built-in Kitchen technologies feature user-friendly, and high-quality functions, wrapped in seamless and sleek designs and this is in addition to being crafted in such a way that appliances are easy to clean and require minimal effort from installation onwards. For kitchens that serve not only as a place to cook, but also as valuable social spaces for friends and family, the desire for smarter solutions that fit effortlessly into a variety of lifestyles is clear and recognised by Beko.

Notes to Editors

About Beko:

Beko is the international home appliance brand of Arçelik, which is a multinational household appliances manufacturer that operates with 12 brands and employs 45,000 people worldwide. It is one of the top three large home appliances brands in Europe* in the white goods sector.

Beko has been focusing on healthy living for years, raising awareness and developing products that make healthy living possible and convenient. Beko’s brand mission is ‘healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet’. Beko is committed to protecting the planet by designing and manufacturing energy-efficient products and investing in resource efficiency in production.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Large Appliances as per “Major Appliances” in Consumer Appliances 2022ed, retail volume, 2021 data. For more information, please visit 


[1] Percentage of those who use their kitchen as a space for dining: DE 35%, ES 36%, PL 40%, IT 43%, FR 32%, UK 25%, UAE 36%
[2] Percentage of those who covet quality in the appliances of others: DE 57%, ES 56%, PL 55%, IT 54%, FR 58%, UK 47%, UAE 69%[3] Percentage of those who believe it is important that their kitchen appliances are durable and built to last: DE 60%, ES 70%, PL 61%, IT 56%, FR 66%, UK 56%, UAE 74%
[4] Percentage of those who admire high-tech kitchen appliances and gadgets: DE 56%, ES 62%, PL 54%, IT 54%, FR 55%, UK 39%, UAE 66%[5] Percentage of those who value aesthetics as a key feature in coveted kitchens: DE 47%, ES 41%, PL 46%, IT 36%, FR 35%, UK 49%, UAE 55%
[6] Percentage of those who highlighted ‘sleek and minimalist design’ as a key feature in a dream kitchen: DE 25%, ES 39%, PL 30%, IT 36%, FR 26%, UK 21%, UAE 33%
[7] Percentage of those who value easy installation of kitchen appliances: DE 90%, ES 93%, PL 89%, IT 92%, FR 93%, UK 75%, UAE 95%
[8] Percentage of those who have bought a product they liked after seeing it: DE 72%, ES 65%, PL 76%, IT 75%, FR 80%, UK 54%, UAE 88%
[9] Percentage of those who have bought a product they liked after seeing it more than once: DE 24%, ES 26%, PL 36%, IT 26%, FR 33%, UK 17%, UAE 49%

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