Beatbot AquaSense Series, the World’s First 5-in-1 Robotic Pool Cleaner Captures 50% of High-End Market Demand in January

Following market-leading sales, selling out their presale of 1000 products in January, Beatbot extends new special discounts for both versions. 

RICHMOND, Texas, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beatbot, the tech innovator behind Aquasense Pro, a revolutionary pool robot featuring many groundbreaking industry-firsts, has received over 1000 pre-orders within just 30 days of unveiling the product at CES last month. 

Since announcing the launch of the Aquasense Pro in January, Beatbot has successfully sold 1000 pre-sale units, solidifying its position as a market leader by capturing significant market demand of high-end robotic pool cleaners (priced over $1000), with 50% of online orders favoring Beatbot over its competitors.

Beatbot AquaSense Pro along with its standard version surpassed 1000 preorders in 1 month.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming customer support so far, Siler Wang, CEO and Founder of Beatbot, stated, “The sale of over 1000 pre-order units of our groundbreaking product, the Aquasense Pro, is a testament to the trust and enthusiasm that consumers have already placed in us.”  To commemorate this success, Beatbot is extending a $300 discount for AquaSense and $400 discount for AquaSense Pro. 

Many existing robotic pool cleaners face efficiency and performance challenges such as incomplete coverage and subpar suction capabilities. Beatbot AquaSense Pro addresses these concerns by introducing industry-first features:

Intelligent Pool Cleaning with AI: Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the inaugural robotic pool cleaner employing true decision-making AI. Equipped with 20 smart sensors, including dual IMU sensors and dual ultrasonic sensors, it possesses the unique ability to “see” and “understand” its environment, enabling adaptive navigation for precise cleaning.

Unrivaled Power and Versatility: Boasting a NonaDrive™ 9 Motor System, 4 brushes, 2 filters, and the AquaGlide™ Simulated Flight Propulsion System, the AquaSense Pro delivers unmatched power and versatility. Its 5-in-1 cleaning ensures up to 100% coverage, addressing floor, walls, waterline, water surface, and water clarification.

Fully Cordless and Highly Convenient: Beatbot AquaSense Pro eliminates the constraints of traditional pool cleaning devices by going cordless. The intelligent OS allows users to visualize cleaning paths through a user-friendly app, offering multiple cleaning modes for added convenience.

Certified Quality and Reliability: Subjected to rigorous testing, the AquaSense Pro features IP68 waterproof protection, industry-leading certifications, and a two-year warranty. Over-the-air updates for the Beatbot OS underscore the commitment to dependability and ongoing innovation.

The less expensive, standard version of the Beatbot AquaSense still features many of the innovative features of the Pro version, including:

Front and Rear Dual-Group Roller Brushes High-Efficiency Path Optimization with 15 Sensors and AI Algorithms Pool Map and Cleaning Path Visualization via APP Complete Cleaning: Floor, Walls, and Waterline Ultra-light Cordless Design

In recognition of high interest in their robotic pool cleaners, Beatbot has extended their special pricing for new customers. The Aquasense Pro, usually priced at $2,199 is now available for $1,799 (MSRP: $2,199) while the Beatbot AquaSense, is available for price of $1,099 (MSRP: $1299). For more information, visit Beatbot’s official website

About Beatbot:

Redefine Smart Pool Care. Beatbot is a technology brand dedicated to the global robotization of swimming pool environments. Founded by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in leading home robotics companies, the company is growing rapidly, with offices in multiple countries and a strong team of over 80 R&D members. Pioneering core technologies like brushless water pumps, AUV spatial locomotion, sonar laser SLAM, and space mapping navigation algorithms, Beatbot has secured numerous patents and pioneered industry-first innovations. Currently, we hold over 131 patents (granted and under application), including 51 patents for inventions. The brand aims to lead the world in smart, all-in-one pool care robotics inheriting the legacy of top-tier home robotics companies, and is driven by a commitment to product excellence. Beatbot’s mission is to redefine pool care, address industry challenges, enhance performance, and deliver hassle-free pool care experiences.

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