Baseus Launches Let’s C Chargers for the New Phone

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baseus Technology, the leading global consumer electronics brand, has prepared a stack of fast-charging USB-C chargers, the “Let’s C” lineup. It includes fast chargers, power banks, charging cables, digital power strips, and car chargers for the iPhone 15.

Baseus Launches Let’s C Chargers for the New Phone

Fast, Durable, and Sustainable Let’s C Cables

Baseus Let’s C Flash Series II, the USB-C to C Cable is a full-featured cord that supports up to 240W fast charging and a data transfer speed of up to 40 Gbps, which is perfect for moving ProRes files shot with the new iPhone 15 Pro lineup. It was tested only to take 5s to transfer 10GB files according to test results from Baseus, and it also supports a high-resolution output going up to 8K@60Hz. This level would fascinate even videophiles.

Alongside, the Baseus Habitat USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W is designed with eco-friendliness, using bio-based materials, replacing plastics with cornstarch up to 42% — Baseus’ first-ever biodegradable charging cable. This cable is available in pastel green & pink and features a microdot design that evokes nature. It has been tested to withstand over 10,000 bends and supports 100W fast charging, making it a versatile option for the new iPhone 15 lineup and MacBook.

3X Faster, 3X Cooler

Baseus Let’s C Charger is an ultra-mini fast charger with three layers of cooling protection, including thermal glue potting technology, a cooling translucent sleeve, and BCT® Baseus Cooling Technology, a built-in smart-temperature control feature.

Baseus GaN5S 30W chargers have increased power conversion, generating less heat and protecting device batteries. It is compatible with multiple fast-charging protocols, including PD3.0, QC4+, QC 3.0, QC 2.0, AFC, FCP, and PPS, for fast charging user’s Apple devices and more.

Go Wired, Go Wireless, It’s Seamless

“The World’s First MagSafe-compatible Battery Pack with An Integrated USB-C Charging Cable.”

Baseus Let’s C Portable Charger is a 15W magnetic charging power bank with a PD 30W built-in charging cable, supporting 2-way fast charging. Users can charge their phone effortlessly by placing it on the wireless pad or plugging in the charging cable for a quick boost for urgent needs. The charging cable also supports recharging the power bank itself, and an extra USB-C port is integrated to connect another cable for other devices.

Pull Left, Pull Right, It’s Alright

“The World’s First Freely Extend on Both Sides Fast Charging Cable.”

Baseus Let’s C Cable, the “Free2Draw” USB-C to C mini retractable cable 100W, features Baseus’ patented mechanism, allowing anyone to pull out the cable exceptionally smooth and stepless to any length within its maximum range. In addition, its ultra-compact design makes it a breeze to carry it anywhere for any occasion.

Custom-designed Charging Hub for the iPhone 15 Series

Create a lightweight workspace with the iPhone 15.

Unlock iPhone 15’s potential with Baseus GaN5 4-in-1 Charging Hub: Seamless screen projection, ultra-fast 67W PD charging, and cutting-edge USB4 technology supporting up to 40Gbps data speed. Elevate productivity and experience future-ready connectivity today.

For more details, please view the comprehensive document for Baseus Let’s C Series here

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