Baseus Launched a Top-Safe Charging Station

HONG KONG, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baseus, a leading consumer electronics brand, recently launched an important product: the Baseus PowerCombo Tower series of smart 65W desktop power strips.

Utmost Safety Protections

Anyone familiar with surge protectors has more or less heard about joules (J), the unit of energy. Baseus PowerCombo Tower series smart version stands out by featuring 1200J surge protection, while the industry standard is between 800 to 1000J, ensuring utmost safety for both individuals and devices. The second great wall is the BDIP Baseus Digital Intelligent Power, a technology that monitors circuit status to detect malfunctions like overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, and more, then actively cuts off the power in 0.1 seconds, solidifying the barrier. Yet, Baseus has gone further. The case is made of fire-retardant material, ensuring that the product is safe-to-use inside out, and is also superpowered by GaN technology which increases power conversion, resulting in less power loss translating to less heat generation, thereby cutting off the odds of causing damage. In short, this charging station features 8 safety protections, keeping its user and their devices safe 24/7 without requiring supervision.

All in One Charging

As a charger, it has 1 USB C supporting PD 65W, and a 60W USB A port, allowing users to charge a wide range of devices including smartphones, laptops, earbuds, tablets, and more. As a power strip, it offers 3 outlets to power up mid-consumption electronics like a monitor, printer, fax, PC, and more through a single power station, though, the maximum load is 1625W for using all 3 at a time. But what sets it apart, is that a handy 2.6ft retractable USB C cable is built-in, making charging any USB C devices a breeze by simply reaching the cable and pulling it to the appropriate length to keep your desk free of clutter and to save the effort of looking around for a charging cable. The idea behind this product is to streamline your production space.

The Baseus PowerCombo Tower Series Smart 65W Desktop Power Strip, a centralized hybrid of charger, power strip, and charging cable with multiple safety protection features, meets the daily needs of multiple outlets use while keeping the desktop tidy, and serves as the safest one-stop charging solution on the desktop, whether at home or in the office.

Life-Changing App Control

Another point that makes this product stand out from traditional power strips is that a simple tap on the screen of your phone is all you need to turn off the power station remotely after installing the App on your phone and pairing it with the unit. A shutdown timer is available to turn it off automatically as needed, and the power consumption records are accessible on the App to track back to which device consumes the most.


Putting all those together, we can say that this product contributes to reducing e-waste by merging cable, charger, and power strip into one, featuring BDPI technology to protect from circuit damage that could accelerate the aging of products resulting in the need for repurchasing one, GaN technology reducing power loss, and giving users a clearer idea of actual power consumption to draw their attention and hopefully suggest them to take part in saving valuable resources through the consumption records on the App, turning it off with ease when idled.


Multiple smart safety protections
All in one charging
Effortless App control
Compact design (2.6″ x 2.6″ x 4.45″)


Baseus PowerCombo series is a lineup of premium digital power strips designed to address power supply needs for various devices on the desktop, whether at home, in the office, and more.

About Baseus

Baseus is a consumer electronics brand founded in 2011 bearing in mind “Simple for More”, creating seamlessly practical and aesthetic products for young tech enthusiasts. It integrates design, research and development, as well as production and sales. For more information, please visit

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