Balfour Capital Group Announces Exceptional Performance of Algorithmic Funds

From the Desk of Steven Alain Lawrence, Chief Investment Officer

YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Balfour Capital Group is proud to report the outstanding results of its three Algorithmic Funds, meticulously overseen by Chief Investment Officer, Steven Alain Lawrence and his world class staff.

Key Highlights:

Outstanding Performance of Discretionary Trading Program: This fund, with $56 million in assets, achieved a net return of 65.92%, benefiting from our strategic approach as a long-short fund and a diversified portfolio in Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Energy sectors.

Strategic Investments Yield Success: Balfour’s portfolio shines bright with noteworthy investments in the Cybersecurity, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Energy sectors, delivering substantial returns year round. Dive deeper into Balfour’s portfolio and the invaluable insights propelling our success at

In-Depth on Alpha Centauri and Orion Funds:

Alpha Centauri Fund: This fund has shown remarkable resilience and strategic growth, delivering a 29.9% return with a $150 million AUM. The fund stands out for its stability and long-term investment horizon, characterized by a three-year lock-up period and a minimum investment of 250,000 Euros. The fund’s success is attributed to its diversified portfolio strategy and its focus on sustainable, long-term growth sectors.

Orion Algorithmic Tech Fund: In its inaugural year, this fund delivered an impressive 49.9% return. Orion’s success is a testament to our innovative investment approach in technology. The fund focuses on cutting-edge tech sectors, including AI, biotechnology, and renewable energy, leveraging advanced quantitative models to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends.

Learning from Challenges:

While we have celebrated many successes, we also recognize areas for improvement. Our experiences with certain investments in the FinTech, E-Commerce and Commodity industries have provided valuable lessons in risk management and strategic diversification.

Looking Forward:

As we continue to grow our global presence, our commitment to high-quality human capital remains paramount. We believe in the power of quantitative strategies combined with selective investment choices. Our optimism extends to burgeoning markets in China and Asia, where we see significant growth potential.

About Balfour Capital Group:

Balfour Capital Group, a leading investment firm, is recognized for its innovative Algorithmic Funds and excellence in portfolio management. Our approach blends advanced quantitative methods with in-depth market analysis, catering to a diverse investor base.


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