Bairong Inc. Hosts the 2022 Digital Intelligence Conference; Announces Ambitious Plans to Become Industry Leader

New corporate mission revealed: to become a leading digital intelligence service provider in the financial industry of China

BEIJING, Oct. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bairong Inc. (“Bairong” or “the Company”, 6608.HK), a leading independent AI & cloud-based SaaS provider in China, recently held the 2022 Digital Intelligence Conference (DIC) in which they laid out ambitious plans to become an industry leader. Themed “Lead with Digital Intelligence, Meet the Future”, Bairong CEO Zhang Shaofeng announced their new corporate mission at the conference: to become a leading digital intelligence (“DI”) service provider in the financial industry of China.

“The application of DI is expected to expand from the internet and technology sectors to encompass virtually every sector over the next ten years, with finance services as a prime example,” said Zhang.

The integration of digital technologies into China’s real economy is already well underway. The country now has the world’s second largest digital economy, raising the bar when it comes to DI. The combined value of all key sectors that are either partly or fully a part of the digital economy now accounts for 7.8% of the country’s GDP. With their new corporate mission, Bairong is well-positioned to become a major contributor to the expansion of digital financial inclusion by helping financial institutions to digitalize, through DI innovation and digital transformation.

Bairong sets out plans to become industry leader with the launch of the Tianmu plan
During the conference, Bairong launched the Tianmu plan, an initiative that sets out the ambitious goal to make the Company an industry leader in developing premium products, solutions and technologies.

For Bairong’s Tianmu plan, ORCA, a software framework that has been in development for several years, provides fundamental technical support. ORCA empowers financial institutions with professional capabilities in model building and deployment without incurring any additional cost. According to tests and application in financial scenarios carried out by the Company, the framework improves the performance of average models by 300% and complex models by 700%. The solution can be used in a wide range of business scenarios, including model management platforms, business deployment automation, and automated model iteration for intelligent marketing scenarios.

According to the Tianmu plan, Bairong will continue collaborating with major banks and other financial institutions in the realm of DI innovation, with the aim of creating DI-based intelligent operation, wealth management and precision marketing solutions for the financial sector.

Bairong rolls out the Bairong Smart Cloud to create a precision marketing ecosystem service
The Bairong Smart Cloud, a precision marketing ecosystem service targeting the financial sector, was launched at the conference. By connecting financial entities with scenario partners who serve niche markets with self-driving traffic, such as taxi hailing and food delivery, Bairong’s AI-powered ecosystem is designed to assist financial entities in achieving their DI-based marketing goals. By doing so, the service allows banks to reach and serve target groups more efficiently while reducing unnecessary expenses associated with customer acquisition.

“By building a large-scale, neutral precision marketing ecosystem for the financial sector, Bairong has helped financial service providers upgrade their business model by connecting them with premium mobile applications, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of financial services in the real economy,” said Bairong’s senior vice president and product line head Duan Ying.

Currently, Bairong’s financial institution clients include large Chinese state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and urban commercial banks. With the precision marketing ecosystem service, the company is providing over 40 million premium customers with access to products and services from banks.

In addition to continuing innovations in technology, Bairong has also contributed to the construction of a healthy industrial ecosystem by fulfilling its social responsibilities through the application of technologies that empower the quality-driven development of financial inclusion, sustainable finance and rural finance.

About Bairong Inc.
Founded in March 2014, Bairong is a leading independent AI & cloud-based SaaS provider in China serving more than 6,000 financial services provider clients. Bairong was the largest independent financial big data analytics solutions provider in China. Adhering to the mission of empowering every financial services provider in China with smart and comprehensive data analytics, Bairong has built a cloud-native technology platform that supports the full business cycle of FSP clients, including data analytics, decision-making support and smart consumer operation solutions, enabling them to improve risk management ability, promote user activity and operational efficiency. Bairong also provides big data marketing and distribution services that enable FSP clients to reach and serve their target customers more effectively.

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