BaiJiaYun’s international footprint is expanding once again, as the company ventures into the Vietnamese market for exploration and exchange

BEIJING, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, supported by a diversified product strategy, BaiJiaYun has continuously deepened its globalization efforts. Alongside its rapid business growth, BaiJiaYun’s brand trust and recognition have been steadily soaring on a global scale.

On January 29th, in a move to continuously advance international collaboration and deepen its business layout in Southeast Asia, BaiJiaYun’s CEO, Ma Yi, accompanied by Vice Presidents Xiao Jiantie and Qu Wei, and other team members, visited Vietnam for an in-depth on-site investigation and exchange. This visit was aimed at preparing the groundwork for subsequent business developments.

The visit to Vietnam for in-depth exploration and exchange not only represents another significant appearance of BaiJiaYun on the international stage, but it also greatly promotes mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the two countries. In the future, BaiJiaYun plans to expand more international collaborations with a global strategic perspective.

Accelerating the expansion of its global commercial layout, BaiJiaYun has made a visit to Vietnam for exploration and inspection.

In recent years, with the enhancement of global competitiveness among Chinese companies, many have been actively promoting the global expression of “China’s story” and expanding their overseas operations. As the first audio-video SaaS company from China to be listed on the NASDAQ in the United States and one of the earliest domestic enterprises to venture into the AIGV (Artificial Intelligence Generated Video) sector, BaiJiaYun has been actively implementing a global business strategy. This approach aligns with its commitment to contribute to the “China Power” narrative on the world stage, offering a new paradigm for technological innovation and global connectivity.

During its visit to Vietnam, the BaiJiaYun delegation successfully visited the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Ho Chi Minh City, where Deputy Consul General Xu Zhou received the delegation. Consul Xu Zhou fully affirmed BaiJiaYun’s development plans in Vietnam, encouraging the company to leverage its technological capabilities, deeply cultivate the Vietnamese market, and effectively convey the story of the Chinese brand. Furthermore, the Consulate General expressed its commitment to acting as a bridge and bond, vigorously supporting Chinese-funded enterprises to expand their operations in Vietnam. This support aims to jointly promote high-quality economic and trade cooperation between China and Vietnam.

During their trip to Vietnam, the BaiJiaYun delegation also visited the College of Business (COB) at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. They were received by the Dean of COB, the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Deputy Director of the Department of International Business and Marketing, among other leaders. During the visit, BaiJiaYun extensively introduced its remote interactive classroom products. Furthermore, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on experiences in building smart campuses and cooperation in industry, academia, and research. They also explored the possibilities of bilateral educational cooperation.

As BaiJiaYun deepens its international and commercial strategies, the company is also keen on fostering multi-level collaborative innovations to accelerate the dissemination and application of technological advancements. During their stay in Vietnam, BaiJiaYun delegation visited Haravan, a well-known Vietnamese technology company, to discuss trends in SaaS (Software as a Service) technology services and share experiences in serving startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the e-commerce sector. In the meeting, Ho Huynh, CEO & Co-Founder of Haravan, highly praised BaiJiaYun’s brand proposition and business strategic direction.

Continuously expanding its reach in the Southeast Asian market, BaiJiaYun’s international presence is once again enlarged.

Founded in 2017, BaiJiaYun went public on the NASDAQ in the United States in December 2022. The company positions itself as a “one-stop AI video technology service provider”. Currently, BaiJiaYun leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and big data to assist various sectors, including education, finance, automotive, and healthcare. Their focus is on solving a wide range of pain points and fulfilling diverse needs in the field of video technology applications.

Over the past few years, BaiJiaYun has assisted companies across various industries in achieving digital transformation, successfully enhancing their operational efficiency. By offering products and services such as live commerce (live streaming for sales), video conferencing, remote medical consultations, and online learning platforms, BaiJiaYun is bringing about product innovation and experiential leaps for global consumers. Additionally, BaiJiaYun has introduced services involving virtual digital humans, virtual environments, and virtual live broadcasting. These innovations continue to broaden the boundaries of perception and technology, creating more possibilities for the development of the commercial and social world.

In addition to reinforcing its existing competitive advantages, BaiJiaYun is also expanding its development efforts into a broader international arena and achieving significant breakthroughs. With the gradual opening up of markets in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Myanmar, BaiJiaYun’s strides towards the global market are accelerating.

BaiJiaYun’s CEO, Ma Yi, has stated that in this continuously evolving digital era, international cooperation is an imperative path to follow. Leveraging the technological foundation and industry experience gained from serving domestic enterprises over the past few years, BaiJiaYun is confident in its ability to exhibit substantial competitiveness in the overseas audio and video industry. Moving forward, as the internationalization strategy becomes increasingly refined, BaiJiaYun intends to deepen its roots in China while expanding globally, aiming to seize the continuously emerging market opportunities.

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