Baby Shark Creator Pinkfong’s Bebefinn Surpasses 10 Million YouTube Subscribers, Setting New Company Record

– With the New 3D Animated Series Bebefinn, the Creator of Baby Shark Earns its Fourth YouTube Channel with Over 10 Million Subscribers

– Bebefinn Achieves Diamond Creator Award in 14 Months, Making it the Fastest Pinkfong Channel to Reach the Milestone

– With a 206% Growth Rate in Views in Q1 2023, the U.S. Tops The List of Countries Where Bebefinn is Most Watched

SEOUL, South Korea, June 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baby Shark creator expands its empire on YouTube, earning its fourth Diamond Creator Award with its latest 3D animated series, Bebefinn.

Baby Shark Creator Pinkfong’s Bebefinn Surpasses 10 Million YouTube Subscribers, Setting New Company Record.

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The Pinkfong Company, the global family entertainment company behind Baby Shark, announced that Bebefinn’s YouTube channel has surpassed 10 million subscribers. Achieving YouTube’s Diamond Creator Award in the 14 months since its launch, Bebefinn became the company’s fastest YouTube channel to reach this milestone.

Produced by the creators of Baby Shark, Bebefinn is a 3D animated series about the daily lives of a close-knit family of three siblings and their parents centered on Finn, a 20-month-old baby who loves Baby Shark. With its engaging visuals, catchy songs, and relatable stories, the sing-along series has captivated kids and families around the world, making the Top 10 Kids on Netflix today in 12 countries. Along with Pinkfong and Baby Shark, Bebefinn was highlighted at the 2022 Asian Content Awards, where The Pinkfong Company won the Best Creator category.

“As Bebefinn quickly gains a global fan base, we will broaden our reach beyond spin-off content by introducing merchandise, licensing programs, live shows, and more. Leveraging Pinkfong and Baby Shark creators’ exceptional content creation experiences and abilities, we will continue to provide new ways for Bebefinn to connect with fans in fun and creative ways,” said Bitna Kwon, Chief Strategy Officer of The Pinkfong Company. “We’re thrilled to celebrate another remarkable milestone for our Bebefinn and look forward to the exciting journeys ahead for this adorable family.”

The Bebefinn news came on the heels of Pinkfong’s recent celebration of Bebefinn’s one-year-anniversary. Since its premiere in April 2022, Bebefinn has followed in the footsteps of Pinkfong and Baby Shark which have cemented themselves as content powerhouses on YouTube. Bebefinn’s English-language YouTube channel has experienced exceptional growth, amassing 10 million subscribers, 3 billion views, and 210 million watch hours in 14 months. In addition, Bebefinn’s own Baby Shark video on YouTube has surpassed 262 million views in the same period.

Among the countries where Bebefinn is most watched on YouTube, the U.S. tops the list with a 206% quarter-over-quarter growth rate in views in the first quarter of 2023. In addition to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, and Brazil are on the same list. Available in English, Spanish, and more, Bebefinn will be expanded to eight languages including Chinese and Indonesian.

In addition to YouTube and Netflix, Bebefinn has widened its reach to global audiences by expanding distribution channels internationally including linear TV, AVOD and FAST channels, and more.

Founded as a startup offering children’s educational services, The Pinkfong Company has evolved into the home of iconic IPs including its flagship franchise Baby Shark. Following the success of Pinkfong and Baby Shark, The Pinkfong Company has focused on the development of content and brand new original IPs including its latest hits Bebefinn and Sealook.

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Natalie Kim, Communications Team at The Pinkfong Company