Automation Anywhere’s Industry-First Generative AI-Powered Process Automation Solution Expected to Deliver Massive Productivity Gains and 9x Return on Investment

Businesses have the potential to drive 10 percent cost savings in CIO budgets

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Automation Anywhere, a leader in enterprise process automation that puts AI to work across every aspect of an organization, announced availability of the industry’s first generative AI automation solution to dramatically improve automation development cycle times and is set to transform the automation market. At the core of the company’s Automation Success Platform are new, specialized generative AI automation models for process automation. The new Automation Co-Pilot for Automators solution includes a suite of on-demand, generative AI-powered automation capabilities that helps build enterprise-grade automations much faster and efficiently, with the ability to create streamlined business process automations that can increase employee productivity and save companies millions of dollars.

The industry’s first set of generative AI automation models for process automation were developed on top of leading large language models and trained with anonymized metadata from more than 150 million automation processes across thousands of leading enterprise applications and are expected to redefine the future of business process automation. These models give companies the ability to develop and run complex processes and workflows across enterprise applications automatically, first by understanding the work request via natural language, converting natural language inputs into steps, and then dynamically creating new process workflows. The models get smarter every time an automation runs.

Companies are starting to empower their developers and employees to build powerful automations using generative AI. With natural language, users can describe their automation objective and let the software transform those ideas into optimized and personalized automations. Automation Co-Pilot for Automators even suggests the next steps in an automation process, allowing every developer from novice to expert build superior automations up to 55 percent faster, speeding up automation results from months to weeks.

Accelerating Impact and Returns with Generative AI-Powered Automation

The company has seen incredible results with the combination of automation and AI on its Automation Success Platform. Early automation projects from users of generative AI-powered process automations have yielded unprecedented returns. This includes examples of hockey stick growth in productivity gains across different department processes and illustrates the power of putting AI to work with the Automation Success Platform. With potential 3x ROI over non-AI-based process automation, and 9x ROI when factoring in implementation, development, and management expenses, Automation Anywhere is seeing an opportunity for companies to expand generative AI-powered automation use cases across many more functions and processes. In fact, the company anticipates that one-third of all support-related processes can be automated (e.g., customer support, IT, finance, accounts payable, tax, etc.). The company also predicts that its platform solution has the potential to drive 10 percent savings in CIO budgets.

“For generative AI content, ChatGPT led the way, for generative AI graphics, Dall-E led the way, and for generative AI-powered process automation, Automation Anywhere is leading the way and will reimagine the future of work,” said Mihir Shukla, Founder and CEO, Automation Anywhere. “We’re in the beginnings of a massive market shift, and the companies that move quickly to experiment and safely deploy AI-based automation solutions will have a significant competitive advantage. We envision a time where we can automate more than seventy percent of company processes and workflows.”

The Automation Success Platform integrates with thousands of leading enterprise applications including from SAP, Workday, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce. With generative AI integration, customers have the ability to quickly process structured and unstructured documents, and for the first time these processes can be automated. Customers can quickly process an entire universe of structured, semi-structured and unstructured document types, such as contracts, waybills, logistics and loan applications. This means that thousands of enterprise processes and workflows can be automated, creating a new way to work that will fundamentally transform organizations’ operating models to help increase employees’ productivity, reduce repetitive tasks and unleash their creativity to focus on higher-value work.

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators Dramatically Speeds Up Development and Deployment Cycle Time

Companies struggle to get through their process automation backlog with insufficient developer resources. Speed is essential to help organizations get through their pipeline backlog that is a lingering pain-point for so many IT teams feeling pressure and demands from the business. They can now push the gas pedal on automation development cycle times, creating an exponential flywheel of productivity gains and potentially achieve millions in cost savings. Faster automation creation means more generative AI-powered automations can be distributed to business teams across the enterprise to help them get work done faster and better, achieving results in weeks.

“Automation Co-Pilot for Automators enables developers and citizen developers to build end to end process automations faster than ever before,” said Adi Kuruganti, Chief Product Officer at Automation Anywhere. “Our customers experiencing up to fifty-five percent faster automation development cycles is a huge productivity boost. We’re not only speeding up creation of automations for professional developers, we’re unlocking access to automation creation for citizen developers to improve their workflow environments. We’re just getting started, and this technology will redefine the process automation market category.”

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators is an on-demand automation assistant built right into the development experience. With natural language, users can describe their automation objective and let the software transform those ideas into optimized and personalized automations. Automation Co-Pilot even suggests the next steps in an automation process, allowing every developer from novice to expert build superior automations.

“We’ve been testing the generative AI-powered capabilities of Automation Co-Pilot for Automators and are very impressed and excited with the speed at which the company is moving to implement AI,” said a business system analyst at a large financial services company. “Automation Anywhere’s generative AI strategy and roadmap are impressive, and we expect these solutions will help automate and reduce the burden of labor-intensive processes as well as offer significant cost savings for us moving forward.”

While other vendors are focused on sequential, task-based automations, Automation Anywhere’s solution is optimized for complex, end-to-end orchestration that represents the reality of today’s enterprise businesses. In addition, the generative AI automation model is designed to learn from user feedback and automatically improve over time. And the Automation Success Platform’s Responsible AI Layer enforces enterprise security and data privacy standards for safe AI governance.

“AI is among the top five digital priorities for enterprise leaders for achieving their business outcomes, and one of the areas where we have seen significant increase in AI adoption and proven business value is in process automation,” said Amardeep Modi, Vice President, Everest Group. “With the advances in Generative AI and LLMs, enterprises are looking for faster ways to deploy and scale automations while ensuring robust data security and governance.”

To learn more about the full set of products and features released this month, register for a webinar on January 31.

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