Australian company developing cutting edge training for Defence medics using virtual reality and biometrics

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Australian first responder training company Real Response has created breakthrough software with support from Defence to enhance tactical and combat medical training. The system uses virtual reality and live biometric data to provide medics with a realistic and responsive training experience.

A virtual Australian soldier preparing for a tactical combat casualty care scenario.

Virtual Tactical Combat Casualty Care (vTC3) immerses Defence medics in a synthetic environment that allows them to practice their medical skills in a range of realistic scenarios including care under fire, field care, and evacuation. It was developed to support Defence’s medical training but could also be used by partner forces and civilian emergency service agencies.

The software was created with support from the Defence Innovation Hub, which invests in innovative technologies to enhance Defence capability and grow the Australian defence industry and innovation sector.

Real Response has also formed a collaboration with leading smartwatch manufacturer Garmin. vTC3 utilises live biometric data from Garmin smartwatches to dynamically alter the virtual scenarios, as well as supplement scenario results with information that can guide the debriefing.

“It has been a fantastic experience working closely with the Defence Innovation Hub, Joint Capabilities Group and end users. Seeing the potential for our technology to enhance training capabilities for ADF medics who are tasked with caring for the sick and injured in defence of this nation is something that makes our entire team proud,” said Benjamin Krynski, Director at Real Response

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