Ausom Unveils Leopard, a High-End Off-Road Electric Scooter

PORTLAND, Ore., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ausom, an emerging manufacturer and innovator of high-end off-road electric scooters, has just made its debut in the US market with its flagship product, the Leopard.


“At Ausom, our mission is to empower adventurers with high-performance, eco-friendly mobility. With this mission in mind, we have created the Leopard to redefine your perception of adventure,” said the founder of Ausom.

The Ausom Leopard roars with a mighty 1000W motor that propels you to a top speed of 34mph and a 25% climb angle. With a 20.8Ah battery capacity, it effortlessly powers a 52-mile journey on a single charge. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping riding experience that is both thrilling and enduring.

The Leopard’s tough swingarms deliver outstanding shock absorption, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even when traversing challenging and uneven terrain.

To conquer the untamed wilderness with ease, it features an SUV-like design, enhanced by two robust off-road tires measuring 10 inches in diameter and 3.15 inches in width. These ruggedly engineered tires are hard-wearing and shock-resistant, which survive a variety of terrain.

For safer riding, it is built with advanced braking and lighting systems. The braking system comprises an e-brake and dual disc brakes, featuring greater precision, improved endurance, and enhanced safety. It has 6 bright lights to illuminate your path and let you explore at night with ease.

Furthermore, it boasts a height-adjustable bar to fit riders of different heights and a cozy removable seat to make long rides more enjoyable.

Ausom is excited to offer adventurers a special offer for the new launch. Get the Leopard for $899.99 only ($50 off the regular retail price) on Geekbuying, an e-commerce platform partnered with Ausom, from July 25th to August 8th. Another formidable model, the Gallop, is upcoming and going to blow you away with its high performance, so stay tuned.

About Ausom

The name “Ausom” is derived from the word “Awesome”, embodying the essence of creating nothing ordinary but awesome. Ausom was created by a group of adventurers and experts, and driven by their passion for exploration, igniting the spirit of adventure in everyone who experiences its off-road electric scooters. Anchored by three fundamental principles – product quality, eco-friendliness, and higher performance – Ausom forges ahead, proudly bringing a new wave of adventure to the middle high-end off-road electric scooter market in the US.

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