AtomStack Introduces the World’s First Unibody Open-Frame Laser Engraving Machine Series, AtomStack A6 Pro, A12 Pro, and A24 Pro

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AtomStack, a pioneer in laser engraving production and research, has officially unveiled the world’s first open-frame laser engraving machine series manufactured using an unibody molding process. This breakthrough introduces unprecedented stability and precision in laser engraving and cutting while greatly reducing the complexity of installation and usage. Accompanying this release is a range of specially designed accessories, including the Automatic Conveyor, B3 Enclosure, F60 Air Assist Set, all of which elevate the efficiency and safety of laser engraving machines to unprecedented levels.

The new AtomStack A series utilizes a brand-new manufacturing process, with the machine body crafted from a single piece of high-quality aluminum alloy. This design enhances the machine’s structural integrity, stability during operation, and precision. Before leaving the factory, each machine undergoes meticulous calibration to ensure that users can start using it within minutes of unpacking, thanks to the straightforward laser head installation.

Furthermore, the new AtomStack A series employs state-of-the-art linear guides for both the X and Y axes, along with components made from premium stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled smooth and stable motion of the laser head. The maximum effective movement speed of the laser head reaches an astonishing 600mm/s.

In terms of laser engraving and cutting efficiency, the adoption of the latest encapsulation technology results in higher energy density of the laser beam and a smaller spot size. The AtomStack A24 Pro boasts a laser power of 24W, with a minimum spot size of only 0.06mm x 0.06mm, rivaling the performance of a 300W CO2 laser engraving machine at a significantly lower cost.

Regarding specialized accessories, the Automatic Conveyor effectively expands the range of engraving and cutting, with its unique design ensuring smooth object movement without jams. The B3 Enclosure not only provides a highly sealed working space to prevent smoke leakage during operation but also integrates a Lightburn camera for precise and intuitive positioning of engravings and cuts. The all-new F60 Air Assist Set delivers robust airflow for a smoother, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing cutting effect.

The all-new AtomStack A series is now available on the official website, This product line underscores AtomStack’s commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly products to laser engraving enthusiasts, both new and seasoned, while bringing joy to their creative endeavors.