Atezr Introduces Back-to-School Laser Engraver Pioneer Series: A Creative Teaching Tool for Educators

CHINO, Calif., Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Professional laser engraving machine brand Atezr is pleased to launch their new Pioneer line of engravers this summer, a series that brings together three of the most powerful models available: the 20W P20 PLUS, the 5W P5, and the 10W P10. For the upcoming back-to-school season, the Atezr Pioneer series can facilitate new creative approaches to education.

Using a Laser Engraver & Cutter in School

Laser engravers are a must-have in schools today, able to be utilized for a variety of educational purposes. The speed of Atezr’s Pioneer laser engravers has been optimized to reach 24,800 mm/min, enabling quick fabrication of designs so that teachers can have more students use the equipment and continue the lesson in a shorter amount of time. Students can finish massive team project in the least amount of time feasible because of the huge boost in speed.

The Pioneer P5 5W entry-level laser cutter provides students with precise, effective engraving along with an easy-to-use operating system. The P20 PLUS has an output power of up to 24W and can cut and engrave more than 100 kinds of materials, making it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that schools, universities, and fab labs can have. With the Atezr Pioneer series, even a student with no technical background or knowledge of scientific experiments or equipment can create incredible results.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is an important part of a school’s curriculum. Atezr’s Pioneer range of laser engravers can be used to lead interactive lessons where students’ conceptual ideas can be developed into real-world models or prototypes. Students studying architecture and design can use the P10 10W or P20 PLUS 20W laser engravers to engrave and cut various materials, including those that are similar to the actual components used in the full-scale versions of their designed structures, such as acrylic, wood, aluminum, ceramic, etc. Students studying art or fashion design can utilize the P5 5W laser engraver to make elaborate patterns and custom fabrics like jeans and leather or produce original papercut designs.

Additionally, Atezr laser engravers are capable of producing artwork for personalized school pride or sports team apparel, as well as unique plaques, medals, and prizes for ceremonies honoring deserving students and teachers. People can access custom mugs, shirts, rubber stamps, and other customized mementos with ease thanks to laser engravers being available in the school shop.

Redesign the Studying Environment with a Laser Engraver

The Atezr Pioneer series ensures educational innovation. Any project is simple to implement with Atezr laser engravers’ rapid working speed and high-precision beam size of 0.08 × 0.06 mm, and students will be able to actively engage in the course thanks to this accessibility and efficiency. Through the use of laser engraving techniques and technology, the minds of young pupils can be expanded in various ways. People can even combine the Atezr Pioneer Series with a 3D printer to create more practical works to upgrade their ideas.

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About Atezr

Founded in 2022, Atezr has been committed to creating laser engraving technology that is superior to what is available on the current market, bringing beneficial laser engraving machines to various industries such as revenue generation, education, art, engineering, and more. Atezr engravers have been tested and optimized over several years to bring the precision and speed of laser engravers to new heights. Every technological improvement represents the ongoing efforts of the Atezr team, because creating digital creative tools for people is the driving force behind Atezr.