Atezr Announces Launch of P20 PLUS 20W Quad-Laser Engraver & Cutter

CHINO, Calif., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Atezr, the innovation-driven global tech brand, has just announced the launch of the P20 Plus laser engraving and cutting machine, a powerful 4-beam diode laser engraver that equals the capabilities of a 300W CO2 laser engraver. The engraving and cutting area of the P20 Plus can reach up to 430 × 430 mm, more than a hundred different kinds of materials can be cut, the engraving accuracy is improved to fall within 0.01 mm, and it makes people’s artwork come to life at a resolution of up to 529 DPI.

Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Laser engraving machines can be used to engrave text, logos, and images onto the surface of various materials and objects (such as wood, bottles, business cards, furniture, and leather) or to cut DIY toys and decorations. The fully aluminum structure of the Atezr P20 Plus ditches the dull industrial aesthetic in favor of a serene and stunning sci-fi blue. The P20 Plus features higher repetition positioning accuracy, motion stability, processing speed, and a longer service life thanks to the brand-new optical axis transmission structure. The high-precision laser spot is reduced to 0.08 × 0.06 mm, achieving a resolution of 529 DPI and assisting artists and engraving aficionados in producing lifelike works or batch art processing. The Atezr P20 Plus is also a reliable option for industrial-strength mass production for small- and medium-sized organizations.

The P20 Plus is a powerful diode laser engraver and cutter, built by the Atezr team after years of research on laser engraving machines, which can meet the needs of large, medium, and small engraving and cutting projects. The newly upgraded Atezr P20 Plus adopts spot compression technology and has four 6W diodes which compress the laser spot to 0.08 × 0.06 mm and have a 99.6% output efficiency. The P20 Plus high-density laser’s cutting speed is 40% faster than that of regular laser engraving equipment, and it can readily cut black acrylic that is 25 mm or even 30 mm thick, as well as 0.3 mm-thick metal. Also, it can cut through 12 mm of solid wood at once, leaving clean, fine-cut edges with less residual scorch.

The P20 Plus uses a new panoramic filter glass eye protection design that can filter 97% of UV rays. The glass design and cooling fan housing avoid burns when working at high temperatures and extend the machine’s service life. The built-in 256-bit color scale intelligently identifies the proportion of red, green, and blue in the engraving work based on the various grayscales of the image material, producing clear and complete work. The P20 Plus has built-in fume filtration with air assist to properly eliminate the fumes produced during the laser engraving process.

The P20 Plus’s 32-bit motherboard allows for faster and more reliable engraving, and it has Wi-Fi connectivity for quicker transmission rates. Both offline engraving and app functionality are supported. People can use a TF card or the Atezr app to complete outdoor engraving and cutting tasks when no computer connection is available.

The P20 Plus is a technological breakthrough by the Atezr team, and Atezr will soon introduce P5 (5W) and P10 (10W) laser engraving and cutting machines. The 5W laser engraving machine is ideal for families to create simple toys for kids on weekends and afternoons, spend quality time together, and inspire kids’ creativity. For those who enjoy using laser engraving machines, 10W is another helpful tool for fostering creativity. The 10W laser engraver is useful for innovative teaching strategies in schools. With its quick and accurate laser, projects are simple to implement, and students can actively engage in the course.

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