Ateios Systems Unveils RaiCore™ Electrode to Build the World’s First PFA-Free, High-Performance LCO Battery

Sample Packs Now Available to Device Developers

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ateios Systems, a manufacturer of battery components, today announced the release of RaiCore™ High-Voltage Lithium Cobalt Oxide (HV LCO) electrodes, enabling the world’s first perfluoroalkoxy-free (PFA), rechargeable LCO battery.

Functional battery prototypes using RaiCore™ provide the following:

15-20% More Energy Density over Standard LCO >80% Capacity Retention after 1000 cycles at 1C & 100% Depth of Discharge Free from PFAs or forever chemicals Competitive Pricing with Cobalt-based Electrodes

The groundbreaking innovation lies in Ateios’ RaiCure™ technology, a chemistry-agnostic manufacturing process that utilizes energy-curable, PFA-free polymers to replace traditional thermal-curable polymers. The platform process produces electrodes with high-energy density, high quality, and lower manufacturing costs to assemble batteries with enhanced performance, cost reduction, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Nearly one-third of the lithium-ion battery market today is used on products such as smartphones, wearables, power tools, drones, and many more. “RaiCore offers the battery industry and its allied sectors a transformative, scalable solution addressing critical challenges in performance, supply chain, and regulatory compliance,” said Dr. Rajan Kumar, CEO and Founder of Ateios Systems.

Ateios is partnering with versatile companies, such as Softmatter, a softgoods technology company, to integrate RaiCore into various form factors including wristables and AR/VR devices. “Power has long been the main hindrance to our efforts to create products that optimize the user experience. We see RaiCore-enabled batteries as the first step in creating a portfolio of next-to-skin solutions that enable our consumers to experience conformal power systems,” said Ulysses Wong, CEO of Softmatter.

Ateios Systems is offering sample packs to device developers for performance evaluation and integration into scalable solutions, collaborating with partners such as Softmatter. Additionally, Ateios Systems is conducting multiple pilots with battery assemblers worldwide to integrate RaiCore electrodes into their existing battery product lines and form factors.

To request a sample of RaiCore electrodes or batteries charged with RaiCore, email [email protected].

About Ateios Systems:
Ateios Systems pioneers advancements in battery technology with its groundbreaking RaiCure™ platform. This innovative technology produces battery components with enhanced performance, cost reduction, and minimizing environmental impact. Ateios can work with partners throughout the entire battery development cycle from inception to production to produce large-scale, high-quality battery components. For more information, visit

About Softmatter:
Softmatter, part of MAS Holdings, is a textile technology company that intertwines elements, that embody human experience and technology. Driven by this vision, the company works towards crafting complete next-to-skin solutions that transform the way humans live. As a smart soft goods expert, they aim to transform every textile you interact with and everything you wear, into a seamless source of data and integrated technology, to revolutionize the future of wearables. For more information, visit