ASUS, Octopian Services Agree to Build Medical Coding Solution in Middle East

Memorandum of Understanding lays out plan to develop localized cloud-based solutions leveraging the ASUS Miraico ICD-10 AI coding assistant


Empowered by AI, ASUS Miraico automatically recommends ICD-10 codes in real-time by analyzing free-text medical records ASUS Miraico helps optimize hospital operational efficiency, accelerates the revenue cycle, and improves the reimbursement process Octopian Digital healthcare practice builds intelligent transformational solutions for the Middle East market; ASUS is collaborating to localize the solution

SINGAPORE, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ASUS today announced a partnership with Octopian to develop localized cloud solutions for AI-assisted medical coding in the Middle East. Octopian Digital is an entity under Octopian Services that focuses on automated industry solutions that create end-to-end workflows to help organizations increase revenue and reduce costs. This collaboration between ASUS and Octopian Digital will bring the Miraico AI medical coding assistant to the Middle East market, starting with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

ASUS, Octopian Services Agree to Build Medical Coding Solution in Middle East

The collaboration brings together differentiated platforms from ASUS Miraico and Octopian Digital’s platform, Octopian Cloud, to create a solution trained in local dialects and syntax that aims to greatly reduce human error and operating costs in the claim process, optimizing revenue cycle management.

ʺASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS) is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals, empowering them to better serve patients and communities,ʺ said Stefan Winkler, Director of Research & Development (AICS), ASUS Global Pte Ltd. ʺThrough this partnership with Octopian Services, we look forward to creating high-impact solutions in healthcare settings worldwide, as we stay ahead of the curve to accelerate digital transformation within the industry.ʺ

ʺWe saw a deep-rooted need in the region for improving the accuracy of medical coding to reduce errors and denials,ʺ said Fadi Jawdat Hindi, CEO of Octopian Digital. ʺThis is a commitment to demonstrating both companies’ seriousness to build customized and localized solutions for the region.ʺ

ASUS Miraico has been successfully implemented in 19 hospitals across Taiwan. With Miraico’s AI-powered coding assistant, Octopian Cloud can leverage the power of natural language understanding (NLU) to help healthcare providers analyze medical terminology in clinical records and automatically suggest the appropriate ICD-10 codes to optimize Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) assignments and enhance hospitals’ operations.

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