AstroAI Expands into Home Appliances with HiCOZY Nugget Ice Maker Launch

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AstroAI, best known for building reliable automotive and household tools, recently took its first steps into the home living field with the debut of its sister brand, HiCOZY.

Through years of research and development, quality control, stringent product testing and hard work, AstroAI has expanded its portfolio, launching HiCOZY along with its first home appliance, a new nugget ice maker.


With its unique Quicool technology, the highly-efficient compressor makes ice in just 5 minutes, approximately 3 times faster than the market average, and produces 55lb of ice per day. Compared to traditional ice, HiCOZY’s nugget ice is softer, quickly chilling beverages and making every drink into a masterpiece. HiCOZY nugget ice maker is the ideal companion for any important occasions and festivals, like outdoor and indoor parties, family gatherings and picnics.

“We’re proud to release the new HiCOZY Ice Maker and hope it inspires joy and comfort everywhere from bustling office parties to quiet evenings at home.” Explained Robert Miyoshi, HiCOZY’s general manager. “We all visualize an ideal home, a space that inspires joy and reduces stress. Inspired by the restaurants we love, HiCOZY designed a sleek and convenient ice maker to bring restaurant-quality ice home, bring you the ideal lifestyle, to the happiness and quality you deserve.”

Product Highlights:

Quicool Technology- Get nugget ice in just 5 minutes, approximately 3 times faster than the market average and up to 55lbs per day (The total output and ice production speed may vary depending on the ambient temperature). Nugget ice- soft, chewable and crunchy, enriching every drink. Latest motor and gearbox- Virtually eliminates noise while improving performance, service life and energy efficiency. Self-cleaning- Uses deep-cleaning technology to automatically clean all its water reservoirs and pumps, reducing bacteria growth and preserving a crisp taste.

HiCOZY’s design team has been deeply engaged in the home appliances field, devoted to creating products that make home life an extraordinary experience. Robert also said: “With much more in development, we’re excited to release more products that help people achieve the life they desire, to ‘Live happy, live cozy’.”

The all-new HiCOZY Ice Maker is now available on Amazon.
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About HiCOZY:
HiCOZY was founded in 2022 with the goal of making every aspect of your idealized lifestyle a reality. HiCOZY aims to connect innovative technology with creative ideas, empowering you to live a beautifully happy life. For HiCOZY, home isn’t just a place to sleep, but a sanctuary that’s uniquely yours. For more information, please visit our website.

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