ASPEED Technology Unveils Next-Generation BMC AST2700 Series at COMPUTEX 2024 and Showcases Cupola360 Panoramic Smart Remote Management Solution

TAIPEI, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ASPEED Technology unveiled its eighth-generation Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), the AST2700 series at Computex 2024. This series leads the industry as the first BMC SoC utilizing 12nm advanced process technology, featuring a quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 64-bit processor and two independent ARM Cortex-M4 processors. This configuration significantly enhances computational performance and flexibility, supporting customer product development and next-generation server platforms. Samples were delivered to clients in early 2024, with mass production and supply expected in 2025, poised to bolster ASPEED Technology’s operations.

The latest AST2700 series BMCs significantly improve performance for cloud to edge computing management applications, integrating multiple functions to enhance transmission interface speeds. The combination of one quad-core processor and two independent processors allows flexible adjustments based on remote monitoring and computing needs, achieving maximum energy efficiency. Although the AST2700 series maintains the same package size as the previous generation, optimized transmission interfaces and memory technology integration support multiple communication and transmission interfaces, enabling the monitoring of multiple devices, simplifying customer system design, and reducing circuit board space usage. Notably, the new CAN and LTPI interfaces enhance capabilities; CAN is widely used for managing power supplies in high-power AI servers. By integrating BMC into power supplies for remote monitoring, customers can boost performance and reduce carbon emissions.

At this year’s Computex, ASPEED Technology showcased two major features: multi-node computing and LTPI modular applications. Addressing the trend of multi-node computing in cloud services, the AST2750 within the AST2700 series can monitor two computing nodes with a single BMC, reducing customer management costs and system complexity while enhancing resource allocation flexibility. Additionally, with modular applications, the AST2700 series, paired with the AST1700 I/O Expander and LTPI interface integration, helps customers streamline design and expedite product development.

Furthermore, ASPEED Technology unveiled the world’s only immersive remote management solution for Smart AV, combining ASPEED Technology and Cupola360’s immersive panoramic camera and visual AI management platform. This solution offers 24/7, zero-blind-spot, AI-friendly 360-degree panoramic undistorted real-time imagery, augmented with various real-time data overlays, eliminating the need for physical presence to understand the overall situation. The remote management platform enables an immersive first-person visual management experience, significantly enhancing management efficiency across various fields through extensive smart patrol with AI, addressing labor shortages, and reducing costs.

The Cupola360 immersive remote management solution has been implemented across multiple sectors, including Schneider Electric’s data centers, enhancing protection and control levels with 360-degree management. It also provides real-time display of data center management metrics, improving remote management efficiency. Ingrasys’s AI server factory uses the Cupola360 panoramic camera integrated with expandable third-party AI analysis technologies, upgrading traditional SCADA systems to an innovative 3D LIVE visual management platform. This solution is being adopted by various manufacturing sectors, including semiconductor foundries, packaging and testing plants, electronics components factories, paper mills, and electroplating plants, maximizing the efficiency of experienced managers and enabling real-time remote management of global factories. Besides smart factory applications, smart city deployments are also being planned, promoting immersive remote management in parks, construction sites, traffic, and tourism sectors.

ASPEED Technology also debuted portable peripheral equipment for special environments, including a portable mobile tripod specifically for the Cupola360 panoramic camera. This tripod, equipped with a battery pack and 4G/5G router, offers flexible configuration without the need for wiring, making it ideal for dynamic environments such as construction sites, significantly enhancing industrial safety management. Visit ASPEED Technology’s booth at M0503a on the fourth floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 for a firsthand experience.

About ASPEED Technology Inc.
Founded in 2004, ASPEED Technology Inc. is a leading fabless IC design company headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. As a pioneer and leader of cutting-edge SoC solutions with a focus on the niche markets, ASPEED specializes in Cloud & Enterprise Solutions, including Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SoC, Bridge IC, and PFR SoC, and Smart AV Solutions, including AVoIP SoC, Cupola360 spherical image stitching processor and Cupola360⁺ Software Kit.

ASPEED is devoted to developing innovative technologies to quickly respond to customer needs. In 2016, ASPEED acquired Broadcom’s Emulex Pilot™ remote server management chip business and it’s currently the world’s No. 1 BMC SoC provider. To enter the market of image processing, ASPEED expanded its product portfolio by launching Cupola360 spherical image stitching processor and Cupola360⁺ software solutions in 2018.

Recognized as a trusted and reliable partner for customers, ASPEED has been awarded “Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” for ten consecutive years since 2014. The company was also recognized as “Taiwan Best-in-Class 100” by Taiwan Institute of Directors and CDRC Consulting Group in 2022-2023 and “Best Management Team in Asia” by Institutional Investor in 2023. For more information, please visit

About Cupola360 Inc.
Cupola360 Inc., established in 2018, is a subsidiary of ASPEED Technology, a leading IC design company headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Cupola360 provides comprehensive real-time and AI-friendly 360-degree imaging turnkey solutions, creating a seamless and immersive first-person experience.

By leveraging ASPEED’s Cupola360 Spherical Image Processors, Cupola360 has introduced a range of panoramic cameras and deployment software. The collaboration extends to ecosystem partners, including AI service providers, system integrators, and distributors to introduce solutions for various applications such as smart patrol, smart cities, video conferencing, and more. For more information, please visit