ASPEED Technology showcased Smart AV Applications at InfoComm 2023, Reinforcing AVoIP HD Transmission and Smart Factory Patrolling

ORLANDO, Fla., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ASPEED Technology Inc., the world’s largest BMC SoC (system-on-chip) provider, successfully exhibited at the professional audiovisual exhibition InfoComm in Orlando, Florida from June 14th to 16th. The company showcased a full range of Smart AV application products, including the AST1530/1535 AV-over-IP high-definition Matrix Video Wall SoCs. The SoCs can be paired with ASPEED’s Cupola360 180-degree and 360-degree cameras, providing perfect solutions for various applications such as smart patrolling for factory command centers and control rooms. The AST1530/1535 AVoIP Matrix Video Wall SoCs successfully won the Best Show Award of InfoComm 2023.

ASPEED Technology’s AV-over-IP SoC solutions utilize exclusive image compression algorithms, ensuring nearly lossless image quality even through long-distance network cables or fiber optic transmission, providing real-time response of low latency. Designed specifically for high-end professional audiovisual (Pro AV) applications, the AST1530/1535 HDMI2.1 AVoIP SoC supports 4K2K60 high-definition resolution. It not only enables 1-to-1 AV long distance transmission but also supports multi-input to multi-output 4K HDMI matrix through existing IP infrastructure.

During this exhibition, ASPEED also announced a strategic alliance with Audinate, the leading provider of professional AV networking technologies. The AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs can incorporate the Dante® AV-A software solution, and the Dante® audio software can operate directly on the AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs without any additional hardware requirements. This collaboration is a win-win strategy for both parties and has already been adopted by major international AV audiovisual industry leaders. The AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs supports HDR10/10+ Dolby Vision and HDCP2.2/2.3, and provides various features such as multi-screen video wall splicing and rotation (CW 90/180/270 degrees, horizontal flip, vertical flip). Other features include MJPEG video preview stream, support for USB2.0 over IP webcam devices, KM over IP roaming, AES256 encryption, and more.

ASPEED has achieved significant advancements in 360-degree image processing technology through years of dedicated research and development. In this exhibition, ASPEED showcased the new Cupola360 series applications and received positive response from customers. In addition to continuously developing the existing 360-degree video conferencing applications, this year ASPEED launched a comprehensive series of Smart AV Solutions, including the Cupola360 spherical image SoC and 360-degree cameras, to build a complete 360-degree real-time remote patrolling solutions for smart factory and smart city applications, actively driving innovation and diverse applications.

ASPEED has pioneered the development of immersive intelligent 360-degree cameras, which can be widely deployed as smart patrolling in factories. By extensively installing cameras in factory buildings, traditional fisheye devices can be replaced with high-resolution Cupola360 cameras. The Cupola360 cameras offer advantages such as 5.7K high-definition imaging with no blind spots and the photo resolution exceeds 8K. Multiple cameras can be used for multi-point inspections, allowing factory managers and customers to achieve comprehensive management without physically entering the production line. When combined with ASPEED ‘s AST1530/1535 AV-over-IP SoCs, they can be used as control room applications for smart factory, enabling remote monitoring and management at any time.

Through Cupola360+ software and AI features, they can provide real-time feedback on specific information, such as factory production line data. They can also selectively zoom in on high-resolution images to confirm details, addressing the drawbacks of edge distortion in traditional fisheye cameras. Moving forward, ASPEED welcomes system integrators, distributors, and other partners in the ecosystem to collaborate and join in promoting the Cupola360 technology brand, contributing to the development of smart factory and even smart city applications.

ASPEED showcased the Smart AV solutions at InfoComm 2023

About ASPEED Technology Inc.
Founded in 2004, ASPEED Technology Inc. is a leading fabless IC design company headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. As a pioneer and leader of cutting-edge SoC solutions with a focus on the niche markets, ASPEED specializes in Cloud & Enterprise Solutions, including Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SoC, Bridge IC, and PFR SoC, and Smart AV Solutions, including AVoIP SoC, Cupola360 Spherical Image Processor and Cupola360+ Software Kit.

ASPEED is devoted to developing innovative technologies in order to quickly respond to customer needs. In 2016, ASPEED acquired Broadcom’s Emulex Pilot™ remote server management chip business and it’s currently the world’s No. 1 BMC SoC provider. To enter the market of image processing, ASPEED expanded its product portfolio by launching Cupola360 Spherical Image Processor and Cupola360+ software solutions in 2018.

Recognized as a trusted and reliable partner for customers, ASPEED has been awarded “Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” for nine consecutive years since 2014. The company was also recognized as “Taiwan Best-in-Class 100” by Taiwan Institute of Directors and CDRC Consulting Group in 2022.