ASNA and Athinia® collaborate to boost semiconductor manufacturing yields through improved data sharing and traceability of subcomponent parts

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today Athinia® announced a collaboration with ASNA to combine unprecedented data sharing and traceability to improve critical semiconductor component and subcomponent innovation. In today’s fiercely competitive semiconductor landscape, the quality and reliability of components and subcomponents are paramount for achieving superior yield rates and minimizing defects during manufacturing.

Laura Matz, CEO, Athinia

ASNA, a pioneering force in the semiconductor manufacturing components segment, has joined forces with Athinia, the secure data and analytics platform for the semiconductor industry, to introduce a revolutionary concept aimed at tracking previously untraceable parts through the entire life cycle of the parts. This innovative initiative is confirming the significance of traceability and analytics, for consumable parts, in boosting yield and reducing defectivity within fabrication processes.

Athinia plays a pivotal role in this endeavor by enabling traceability, comprehensive data analytics and multi-party data sharing to provide a comprehensive understanding for each part’s performance on yield in the manufacturing process. As a result, ASNA can see a full view of how to improve parts, delivering a lower cost of ownership with better fab performance to their customers. 

“As we continue to engage more stakeholders across the semiconductor ecosystem, we can leverage the sharing of data, including data related to the subcomponents used in equipment which results in manufacturing improvements for device makers in their fabs. We are working together with ASNA and device makers to track parts that significantly impact performance and defectivity which were previously untraceable,” said Laura Matz, CEO of Athinia and Chief Science and Technology Officer of Merck.

“Together with ASNA, we are pioneering an industry-leading concept to allow tracking of seals that will provide the industry with valuable insights and potentially enhance overall performance and quality.”

ASNA’s strategic deployment of Athinia extends beyond traditional manufacturing paradigms. ASNA develops innovative solutions that optimize the interplay between components, subcomponents, and overall equipment and wafer performance metrics by establishing the genealogy of parts traceability in the collaboration. This allows for the harnessing of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities combined with on-wafer data. This proactive approach boosts understanding of critical components to yield, and closed-loop failure analysis elevates product reliability and market competitiveness.

“Components and subcomponent are pivotal in semiconductor manufacturing,” stated Dalia Vernikovsky, CEO at ASNA. “Athinia empowers our engineers with insights and predictive analytics. We now have a normalized understanding of how our parts perform at our customers, allowing us to optimize processes, preempt potential issues, and ultimately make better performing products.”

“Our commitment to excellence in components and subcomponent parts underscores ASNA’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries,” added Dalia Vernikovsky. “Through Athinia, we are poised to meet the evolving demands of global semiconductor markets with unmatched precision and agility.”

About Athinia Technologies LLC

Athinia® provides a data analytics platform that brings manufacturers and materials and equipment suppliers together to share, aggregate, and analyze data to unlock efficiencies and time to market, while improving quality, supply chain, and sustainability – all without taking ownership of data. Athinia® is a partnership between Merck (DAX:MKGAF), and Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR). Athinia® is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, and operates independently from the Electronics business of Merck. More information can be found at

About ASNA:

ASNA is a leading innovator in semiconductor manufacturing, specializing in sealing, gaskets and component expertise. ASNA’s reputation continues to be built on efforts to focus on world-class sealing solutions as well as traceability to mitigate defects that cause yield loss and manufacturing downtime. With a dedication to precision engineering and leveraging Athinia for data-driven insights, ASNA continues to shape the future of semiconductor technologies worldwide. Please visit for more information.

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Dalia Vernikovsky, CEO at ASNA