ASIP Tech announces new STC for fflya.

NEW YORK, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ASIP Tech (USOTC: IPTK) announced today it has secured an STC for the fflya Iridium Certus 100 installation on the A32X series aircraft.

ASIP Tech’s fflya is the only Iridium Bluetooth messaging platform in airline operation providing free messaging (SMS, Email and WhatsApp) to everyone onboard.

ASIP Tech President Ron Chapman said ” This is just another step in the development of fflya. Whilst others talk about low-cost low earth orbit connectivity, fflya is already delivering it on Wizzair and with private and business jets around the world via our Bizjetinternet system.”

Fflya’s second generation Certus 100 platform now being delivered to Wizzair. fflya provides a unique service that can offer an airline no cost passenger connectivity including, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email, plus Crew Connectivity, Telemetry and a virtual full fleet private network to enhance operational efficiencies. With the creation of BOB, fflya also delvers free entertainment, food and beverage, duty free and shop In-flight.

Ron added “WIFI via LEO Satellites cannot provide complete cabin connectivity for all passengers and conduct live credit transactions with two stage card verification via SMS. fflya delivers this and more.

The simple reason why WIFI can’t deliver is that you cannot connect 200 plus passengers using a tiny 88/22 Kbps Certus link. WIFI’s TCP/IP protocols are not capable of this on a bandwidth this small. You need full broadband for WIFI to be effective.  At ASIP Tech we created unique new protocols with Bluetooth which make this a reality.”

ASIP is the only company with an exclusive Bluetooth network connecting passengers and crew and unlike WIFI, you only need one access point to cover an entire B737 or A32X aircraft.

fflya is flying now on Wizzair

About AS-IP Tech, Inc.

AS-IP Tech, Inc. is leading the world in Bluetooth connectivity solutions for aircraft. The company management has a thirty-year history of flying new aviation communication technologies worldwide.

Over the past decade ASIP Tech has been on creating a new method of connectivity for aircraft passengers with the aim of eliminating the high costs of inflight connectivity. The corporate jet version of fflya, Bizjetinternet, is distributed under the brand BizjetMobile.

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