ASIG’s Technological Center of Excellence Advances AI Applications with Unparalleled Innovation

SINGAPORE, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) announced today that its Technology Center of Excellence (TCE) is now fully operational after five months of rigorous testing and development. The TCE’s official launch marks a significant milestone in ASIG’s ongoing AI development.

The TCE is an AIGC-centric engineering shared services hub that unites a skilled team of technical specialists, product experts, project managers, and a Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) platform. Based on Ray Serve, MLflow, K8s and ASIG’s self-built hybrid cloud, the MLOps platform has gathered an extensive assortment of both open-source and proprietary AI models, enabling engineers, product developers, and professionals in operations and marketing to seamlessly access the platform via API interfaces.

ASIG’s Machine Learning Operations Platform

ASIG has been at the forefront of adopting AI and has heavily invested in AI technologies in recent years. By providing multimodal models and solutions for natural language processing and computer vision, the TCE has enabled ASIG to accelerate the development of AI technologies across a wide range of applications.

The TCE has strengthened ASIG’s e-commerce capabilities by utilizing Stable Diffusion technology. With this technology, users can match clothes with models while streamlining image processing and reducing production costs. Even with granular features such as model head swapping and skin changing, AI image extraction is exceptionally fast, delivering 100 images in just five seconds. Additionally, SEO copywriting generates marketing content for 3C products by simply inputting keywords and SKU information, helping to reduce promotion costs, increase product exposure, and boost organic traffic. 

The TCE has also enhanced Orbit, ASIG’s new social discovery product, by incorporating large language models that enable users to engage in conversations and play games with Obi, an AI-powered chatbot. These models provide for other innovative features such as icebreaking during one-on-one chats between users, as well as an in-app text-to-image tool that allows users to produce captivating images that express their emotions, ideas, and thoughts in a creative and personalized fashion. In essence, these enhancements strengthen genuine connections and elevate the overall user experience on the platform.

“The TCE showcases our strong capabilities in AIGC application, as well as our unwavering commitment to create innovative, impactful products,” said Ouyang Yun, Chairman and CEO of ASIG. “AI is not just a new technology, it has the power to better connect people and positively impact users worldwide.”

Finally, the TCE increases ASIG’s operational efficiency by providing AI-powered administrative and financial services internally. This strengthens the company’s overall functionality and streamlines its processes.

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) is a global leader in the mobile social industry, serving over 700 million registered users in over 150 regions worldwide as of July 2023. With eighteen offices around the globe, ASIG leverages its proven record of innovation, cutting-edge technology, scalable infrastructure, and global insights with local expertise in emerging markets to deliver stakeholder value based on the most exciting trends and growth opportunities in the social marketplace. ASIG has built a comprehensive and diverse portfolio since its founding in 2013, including leading apps such as Uplive, the global live video platform; CuteU and Lamour, the dominant dating apps in emerging markets; as well as other fast-growing voice and game-based live social apps. ASIG continues to be focused on integrating emerging technologies, including the latest AI applications, into all of its products to achieve its mission of enriching people’s lives through innovative and enjoyable social products that foster meaningful human connection.