ASIG’s Efforts to Manifest Its ESG Visions and Impacts

SINGAPORE, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Innovations Group Limited (“ASIG” or “the Company”) is a leading live social company with more than 400 million users across over 150 countries and regions worldwide. The Company continues its path to make efforts with numerous ESG-related projects in 2022, thus reinforcing its ESG visions and emphasizing how it “advanced” its users globally with its influence and platforms.

ASIG’s ESG visions is committed to empowering people and communities through innovative technology and advocating for creativity, opportunity, safety, and inclusivity for all users through its global social platforms in three aspects: 

Advance: To expand opportunities for people across emerging markets

ASIG offers live training sessions at its 18 offices around the world to help streamers maximize their earnings on its platforms. Its cutting-edge technology and advanced streaming capabilities empower creators, to earn an income, particularly in emerging markets.

The Company’s flagship product, Uplive, has facilitated several successful events in the United States and the Philippines. In the U.S., Uplive X Hekka Runway Show in New York Fashion Week 2002 featured young performers who have been developing their fanbase in Uplive for years which recognized and supported by Maye Musk, a celebrity representative from emerging market. Also, Uplive partnered with Miss Universe Colombia, Maria Fernanda Aristizábal, and Global Child TV to support El Arte De Los Suenos, a special organization to support vulnerable children and adolescents by fostering their artistic talents. Moreover, Uplive enables Miss Asia’s contestants to connect with global audiences and making the beauty and fashion industries more accessible. While in the Philippines, Uplive sponsored one of the most popular Talent Show “Idol Philippines” season 2 and served as the exclusive voting platform for the hopefuls. This is also the first time local major talent shows engaged with livestreaming platforms for recruiting, voting, and special programs. Such collaborations provide a worldwide stage for talented individuals and grassroots talents to break geographical and time constraints and traditional patterns to give them access to a wider audience and help them achieve success.

Uplive X Hekka Runway Show in New York Fashion Week 2022.

Impact: To catalyze global social impact and awareness through and beyond its platforms and users

For one thing, ASIG advocates for and fosters diversity, inclusivity, and creativity to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers. Creators and fans alike can be inspired by aspects of other cultures through the content shared on its platforms. Moreover, ASIG is committed to raising awareness for important causes. The Company has served communities with a wide range of philanthropic efforts, from charity concerts, singing competitions, and livestreamed fundraisers to sponsoring causes aligned with its values.

For another, the Company addresses mental health issues and makes help accessible for everyone. In the Philippines, Uplive has partnered with the leading mental health platform, Mind You, on a long-term program that aims to provide mental health education and sessions, programs, and overall better access to mental health care for Filipino streamers and hosts on the platform. As part of its support for advocacy, Uplive donated $1,000 in November 2022 and $1,000 in December 2022 to Mind You, to subsidize 100 mental health sessions per month ($10/session). Besides, online and offline event “Let the world hear your heart” was held at ZeroBase in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, from November 16 to November 20 local time, featuring a daily live interview session, “Worry Counseling Time”, where hosts offered help and advice to people with stress and worries in modern society to alleviate individual’s sense of loneliness.

Uplive campaign “Let the world hear your heart” held at ZeroBase in Shibuya, Tokyo

Guard: To protect privacy and safety of users and promote positivity

ASIG cares about privacy and safety and has rigorous review processes and robust policies, while following U.S. social media industry standards and country-specific guidelines to ensure that all its platforms are safe and private spaces for its users. The Company values and preserves freedom of expression but does not tolerate divisive or derisive language or the exclusion or marginalization of others. ASIG has deployed artificial intelligence tools to review content, as well as cybersecurity tools to give its community members control over their privacy and ensure data security. Over hundreds of employees worldwide oversee the reporting and monitoring of community content and impose strict contractual penalties on users who break platform guidelines.

Andy Tian, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASIG said,” At ASIG, our guiding principles are, just like our acronym, “Advance, Impact, and Guard.” As we thought about ESG–environmental, social and governance–the “S” in ESG really spoke to us the loudest. We could have hired amazing copywriters to talk about our carbon-neutral goals for 2030, but we opted to dig in where we are really making a real difference. We think this platform use is terrific and fosters even more connectivity by enabling users with means in advanced economics to contribute positively to underprivileged creators in less developed regions.”

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) is a leading mobile social company across emerging markets. As of Dec 31st, 2021, ASIG served over 400 million registered users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. It has built a comprehensive and diverse portfolio as it seeks to achieve its mission of enriching people’s lives worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products that foster meaningful human connection. ASIG operates in eighteen offices around the globe that offer deep local market knowledge across all major emerging markets to augment the company’s cutting-edge technology and scalable global infrastructure. ASIG’s portfolio includes leading apps such as Uplive, the global live video platform, CuteU and Lamour, the dominant dating apps in global emerging markets, as well as other fast-growing voice and game-based live social apps.