Asian Fintech 21st Financial Technology Introduces The First iPhone Subscription Program in Taiwan with Local E-Commerce Giant PChome Group

TAIPEI, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 21st Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (“21st Fintech”), a fast-growing Asian fintech company with a gross payment volume of over US$3 billion, launched Taiwan’s first and most flexible “12-month iPhone Subscription Program” on the 9th of September. The introduction of iPhone subscription program successfully drew the attention of the market, spurring a buying frenzy that resulted in pre-orders selling out within minutes, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max as the top-selling model.

Headquartered in Taiwan, 21st Fintech provides comprehensive payment solutions with integrated fraud management and credit solutions to both merchants and users. Its AI-driven solutions, based on 6500 sets of feature data, process over 3 million requests per day with an over 99.5% accuracy, providing frictionless experience to all customers. Coupled with the company’s strong credit scoring and management capabilities, 21st Fintech is one of the few Asian Fintech players that demonstrates a solid growth with profitability. Its flagship payment product, TapPay, will also be launched in Japan in early 2023, followed by expansion in the SEA market to expand the Fintech ecosystem in Asia.

“Our mission is to provide simple, accessible, and trustworthy financial services to our customers. 21st Fintech continues to pioneer technological breakthroughs in fintech-related products in Taiwan following its launch of PayLater, the very-first BNPL mobile wallet, in May 2022. Our iPhone Subscription Program offers premium features tailor-made for customer preferences: low monthly payment; no upfront deposits; exclusive insurance; flexible renewal options; and cancellation at no charge, breaking new ground in Taiwan‘s market. Customers can design their subscription plans and enjoy a seamless and secure checkout experience with just a click,” said Allan Chou, the CEO of 21st Fintech.

About 21st Financial Technology (“21st Fintech”)

21st Financial Technology (“21st Fintech”) is a trustworthy and reliable Fintech platform based in Taiwan that has expanded to SEA and Japan. 21st Fintech provides a wide range of innovative and convenient financial services such as its flagship payment gateway, facilitation, fraud management, and cash management solutions to merchants and customers on the back of its data analytic tools and technologies. As of 2021, 21st Fintech’s ecosystem of products has helped more than 15 million customers and 2 million merchants.

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