Asia Innovations Group’s flagship social media platform Uplive held the finale of the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The finale of the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant and the 4th AFF Asian Film Festival Awards Ceremony were held on December 19 at the Millenium Biltmore in Los Angeles, featuring 16 finalists who had emerged from months of fierce competition. During the event, the finalists showcased their talents, fashion sense, and cultural charm on stage, demonstrating their appreciation for life, their vision for the future, and their commitment to humanitarian causes.

The competition was co-organized by the American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), Uplive (Asia Innovations Group’s flagship live social platform), M3/JMK (a model media academy), and Keppi (a fitness and fashion brand). With over 300 million users across 150 countries, Uplive served as the exclusive online live broadcast and voting platform for the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant. The competition saw participation from over 3,000 contestants who auditioned and competed in preliminaries on Uplive. The 16 finalists, hailing from various Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia, were selected through this process. For the finals, Uplive also provided online voting support, utilizing technology to eliminate geographical boundaries and allow a global audience to participate and vote for their favorite contestants from their mobile phones.

The 34th Miss Asia International Pageant received strong support from partners and sponsors. The event featured performances by the K-pop group from Uplive and M3/JMK, who brought energy and excitement to the stage with their dance. One of the closet sponsors include Hekka, an online marketplace that features a broad range of products and is emerging as a leader in the consumer electronics and the real-time fashion industry. The contestants walked the stage in Hekka’s trendy swimwear, evoking a summer beach atmosphere. Keppi’s popular streetwear also added to the fashionable city vibe of the event. The duet of well-known musician Liu Liangzi and American rapper and Uplive broadcaster Chris La Vrar was met with thunderous applause from the audience. The diverse range of sponsors and partners contributed to the success and excitement of the event.

Miss Asia pageant finale sponsored by Uplive.

Aside from beauty and fashion, the contest also seeks to promote the empowerment of women. The 16 finalists were asked about a range of topics that were of concern to global audiences, including their views on climate change, what changes they would make if women ruled the world, and how to stop wars. The contestants responded eloquently, showcasing their intelligence and commitment to advancing beauty and wisdom, caring for all mankind, and working towards a better world. One contestant, Miss Cathleen Zhang, particularly resonated with the audience, eliciting bursts of heartfelt applause with her response. These questions demonstrate the purpose of the competition, which is to promote not just physical beauty, but also inner beauty and a desire to make positive contributions to society.

The high caliber of the contestants, stunning guest performances, lovely music, and dazzling lights and beautiful dance performances made the event a captivating cultural feast. The 400 attendees in the venue called it magnificent and exhilarating. The global audience watching the online live broadcast on Uplive was enthralled by the spectacle, with applause emoji filling the screen.

The judges of the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant and 4th AFF Asian Film Festival Awards Ceremony included well-respected figures from the fashion, entertainment, and music industries, such as top Hollywood designer Merlin Castle, Miss Universe Canada Amelia Tu, Emmy judge Victor Migalchan, and Hollywood producer Patrick Neal. The event garnered significant attention from media journalists, who gathered along the red carpet to cover the festivity. In an interview with the media, ASIG US CEO Christine Xu emphasized ASIG’s commitment to ESG values. “Our goal is to improve the lives of everyone by providing jobs and a platform for diverse individuals to showcase their talents, connecting creators with a global audience. Hosting the Miss Asia beauty pageant allows people to appreciate the rich and colorful Asian culture and enjoy the convenience brought by our flagship product Uplive to global audiences. Participants in the pageant will have the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in the show business and fashion industry, including the possibility of becoming brand ambassadors, performing with celebrities, and modeling for advertisements.” said Mrs. Xu.

Miss Selina Dai was crowned the champion of the Miss Asian pageant, winning a $1,000 prize and a 2-carat diamond ring from PJ Jewelry. The runner-up was Miss Belle Bao, who received a $600 prize and a 1-carat diamond ring, and Miss Yutong Zhang placed third, earning a $300 prize and a 0.5-carat diamond ring. In addition to their prizes, the winners also received sportswear and evening gown provided by Keppi, and swimwear from Hekka. As part of their rewards, the winners will have the opportunity to participate in charity activities and represent various brands, including Keppi, for which Miss Vanessa Phyakeo, the winner of the Miss Asia Most Charming Award, will serve as an ambassador.

Due to popular demand, the finals of the Miss Asia pageant will be re-broadcast on Uplive in the near future. Access to the app:

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